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The Silmarillion: Elves Behaving Badly
Ooh, this'll be interesting!
Well, won't this be an interesting experiment.
"Aulė's spouse is Yavanna. She is the one in charge of trees and animals. Probably kind of a hippie."

Clearly, Tolkien will always be associated with hippie-related stuff.

In serious terms: I like the idea he had: A Greater God (Eru) who had 12 Ainur, and one of them became the Big Bad. Melkor is basically Satan, though he could also be the Judas of the group, though without any kind of remorse like that apostle.
Well! This should be fun!
Interesting... Will look out for the next installments.

There aren't enough comments on this blog, why?! It's so interesting! There's nothing I love more then hearing an informal summary of a book/movie/whatever, and I'm liking this so far. Keep up the good work!