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A liberal Irish socialist read The Conservative Teen
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I did not expect that Lore Sjoberg reference there. Also, I do think that some people read certain mags for the viewpoint (I highly doubt many conservatives read The Nation), though outright saying so on the cover seems too upfront and likely to turn people off.
Hmm, yeah, I probably did jump the gun a bit there. I'm not familiar with The Nation; does it intentionally argue for liberalism in general, or does it just report and comment on the news with a liberal viewpoint?
The latter, which might be the biggest difference here. I saw a commercial for it saying it has, "that liberal media bias you won't find anywhere else". Anyway, it's probably the most famous liberal mag in the US.
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In America, there seems to be the idea among reporters and interviewers that you shouldn't ask politicians difficult questions. You can criticize them all you want when their out of the room, but doing so to their face seems to be seen as "rude", in a sense. It's weird, but so are a lot of formalities and politeness.

Also, the war is Obama's fault because some people seems to think of the presidency as "king of America", rather than a person who has to constantly go up against regulations and compromise with people to get things done. I just hope there aren't too many Irishmen who are similarly ignorant about their own presidents.

Last note: I heard "our first black president" being used to describe Bill Clinton, mostly because he played the saxophone. No, it didn't make much sense then, either.
Our president is just a figurehead; actual power lies with the taoiseach (prime minister), but even he is not taken excessively seriously due to the power of party whips. I get the impression that American politicians have more freedom to vote against the party line, which is something I would like to catch on in my own country.

And I find it particularly odd that even if the president was the supreme ruler of America, he should have any say over what happens in sovereign states on a different continent. That's a big part of why so many people hate America.
... y'know, that is kinda weird. Living in Canada you kind of get used to thinking of America as the asshole who scares the kids at the tougher schools down the block, so you put up with him even if you don't always like him. I never considered how creepy it must seem to be across the ocean from some dick who gets worried if you don't think his gun collection is cool or menacing, even if you clearly have no intention of robbing him or seducing his wife.

... then again, you are Irish. You wouldn't really have to try.

Glee: Sex, Songs, and Sleaze
I think kids can understand jokes about taxes, if only for the experience of their parents getting upset about them; I remember reading a few comics that mentioned taxes as a kid and thinking they were pretty funny.
You should visit the US sometime, Vampy. It is quite the educational experience.

Several months later, an update! Faith and Family: An Oscar Take on the Culture War
This is pretty funneh, gief moar
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