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Let's Attempt to Watch: Paper Kirby (Chapter 2)
Part One: Occupy Brawl Street
Well, this could very well be an improvement over the last 'chapter', which seems like an entirely seperate game in retrospect. I mean, the tutorials are gone despite new 'gameplay' being used, and a wide variety of events means that we get something other than mundane battles to be used as filler. Clearly, the series still has its faults, but things like this hint towards overall improvement. Best of luck with the rest of this hullabaloo, Snickers!
I noticed those possible signs of improvement too. Even most of the characters from Chapter One are gone now too, with Green being defeated and Blue, Twink, & Marx being put on a bus. I'll be liveblogging part two soon, so here's to hoping this might get decent!
Part Three: Great Brawl of CHINA!
Hey, the Zangoose makes another appearance. Does that count as continuity? Anyways, it's good to hear that you're despising these entries less than the previous ones, and that the plot is being taken to new and interesting directions (even if the visuals aren't). Best of luck with Part 4!
Part Six and a Half: Once and For Brawl
...No offense, but when Chapter Three arrives, do you think you could...spice up your commentary a bit? Perhaps you could reference a better video with similar subject matter and point out what exactly makes it better in comparison, or suggest how you'd change the plot/characters/etc. if you could. I mean, you did a wonderful job mocking the worst parts about this, but we knew from Entry #1 that this is a bad series. And while accentuating the negative can earn a couple of laughs, some of these entries seem more like hate-filled rants than meaningful commentary. What videos you choose to liveblog might not be amongst the 10% that are good (or even the 50% that are at least somewhat decent), but if all of your entries consist of nothing more than constantly restating how much of an ordeal this is, then I don't really see the point in reading along.

Constructive critisism aside, I wish you the best of luck with whatever your future holds!
^^ Thanks for the suggestions, Endark! I will be sure to consider them for when I liveblog the next chapter!
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