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Zap To The Extreme! Let's Read Sonichu!!
Issue 0: Open Your Heart, Sonichu! For Your Adventure Awaits!!
Heart Warming that? "I'm going on my lovequest" "Even though he'll probably fail" that exchange? I think the bad art ruins nearly everything and Chris just isn't a good enough writer to make any genuine moments.

Also they may be "pretty much fusions of other characters" but if they literally are than it makes for a pointless story unless your doing a what-if fanfic.

It is alright so far, but I'll wait and see how this liveblog goes.
Enjoyed your American Kitsune review (Gonterman's unholy abominations are a guilty pleasure for me). I'm interested to see where this one goes.

As long as you ignore the glaring fact that this is all the work of a college student in his 20s, Episode 0 isn't too terrible. I don't really read comics, but the "character meets creator" scene reminded me of the ending of the 90s Spiderman cartoon where Spidey travels to the real world and meets Stan Lee (voiced by the man himself). I do hope someone liveblogs the subepisodes in all their sweet egocentric glory.
I've liveblogged them in the fifth part of the liveblog, since Christian put all the subepisodes into their own issue.
Issue 1: Live and Learn, Sonichu! For Your Battle Begins!!
... Why does it say that you have 3 entries?
I have all the entries typed up, and release them according to schedule. Though I usually revise them before I post it up. I accidentally posted an entry that should have been uploaded tomorrow, so I deleted it. The system has this glitch where it thinks the third entry is still there despite no such entry now. It's a bug that... well... bugs me.
The cherry cola thing was pretty dumb. Why not just say the discoloration in the fur was a side effect of the cloning process like in Gargoyles? Then again, this is basically a stupid cartoon, while Gargoyles was a cartoon that proved cartoons don't have to be stupid. I found it amusing that Naitsirhc made such a big deal of Blake's fur color and that Blake had to be told not to look up to his nemesis. The musical number could have been a nice touch...if Chris could at least rhyme.

As for the ending, two nearly identical girls shopping together and talking about boys? Only way to make it more cliched would be to have Amy talk about how hard math is and Rosey whine because she broke a nail.
Yeah. I made a joke on how Sonichu failed The Bechdel Test with that last scene, but I didn't manage to add it in.
"The only thing we need now is Sonichu saying that he hates sand. "

I LOLed.
Issue 2: Work Together, Chris-Chan! For You And Your Friends Are Sonichu Heroes!!
I didn't think anyone else on this site watched Parody Rangers. XDDDD
the worst that can happen to these two characters is that we never see them again.

Worst or best? This is Sonichu, after all.

And yes, "Walter" and "Nicole" were based off real people, though before a retcon he was using their real names. The retcon doesn't make three superpowered twenty-somethings acting out their high school relationship drama less stupid, but it does make it less creepy, I think.
They're two sides of a coin, really.

Worst, because we just spent an entire issue getting introduced to them and them not appearing ever again just screams They Wasted A Pretty Good Character, especially with all that hype built around them. It's like, to make yet another MLP reference in this story, if Shining Armor and/or Princess Cadance never appeared after A Canterlot Wedding.

Best, because we see how Chris writes out his characters. Nicole's send-off was probably one of the best send-offs in this comic series, and the best one for Chris-Chan's Bond Girls, since the other ones were either killed within one panel or died off screen.
Issue 4: In His World, Where Life Is Strong!!
The jokes here are good but don't you think it is a little bit fast? I mean you summerize so many issues and you could miss a lot of jokes. Like I think you missed everything about the famous HUGE STRAW.
I usually go for the moments that seem noteworthy and if anything, I can always go back and edit anything I missed, though this would be a long while before I think of any more jokes to include. However, you have given me the idea to give the rest of the issues a once over and see if there's any jokes I missed.

Besides, I'm reading the edited version, so it wasn't that huge. But for your benefit, I'll make a joke about it:

"And so he drinks and... JESUS CHRIST! Look how big the straw is! DEAR GOD! Whoppers don't need the jaws to drop that low in order for people to eat it! And yeah, I know there's something suggestive about it, but you know it, I know it, let's just leave it at that."
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
^lol thanks for that. That definitely added something.
Issue 6: Color Your World, Chris-Chan! And Reach For The Stars!!
Wasn't there a huge gay-bashing fillbuster in the whole "put a shirt on scene?" I don't remember seeing an edited version but I read the wiki that said such a speech happened.
I don't think so... Just "My fantasies blow vastly towards my opposite gender, I'm soooooooooo (written like how they write OOO in Kamen Rider OOO) offended!", so unless "I'm so offended" counted as a filibuster, I don't think so...
Ah thanks for clearing that up.
Issue 8: Later, Sonichu! For You Are Such An Idiot!!
It's not just a rip-off of Simon - it's a rip-off of a "fan" character based on Simon named "Simonchu". I kid you not. I know the guy who made that character. He'll come into play later.
Issue 9: Gotta Go Fast, Sonichu! For You Are The Fastest Thing Alive!!
Are you going to run down the Christmas special as well?
Yes I will. See, my running down of Issue 10 is (so far) around 3,355 words and approx. six pages long. And that is towards the entire issue. There's no actual "here's what I think of Sonichu as a whole" message in that part, since that would make it too long.

So I put it in the Christmas Special, which would be pretty short without that speech.
Issue Final: All Hail Chris-Chan! For He Has Dreams Of An Absolution!!
I wish he could at least try to make it a Y-7 comic or whatever, but since this is Chris's comic his enemies should all DIE YOUU!!!

Good job almost making it through this. I hope you still have some capacity left to be shocked, but after this issue I kinda doubt it. Nothing in the next issue comes close to the atrocities our "hero" did this issue.
Wanna know something that's really fucked up? According to various snippets released by Chris, Magi-Chan surveys the entire town for homosexual thoughts, meaning he's invading the privacy of the entire town.
Wow... That just furthers the hypocrisy.
Issue Extra: To The Beginning, Christian! For We Shall Make Our Oath Sign!!
That was fun. I hoped you didn't lose all your sanity ;). If you absoulutly had to pick who was your favorite character in this whole mess? Mine might have either been Magi, Wild, or Jack and Clyde, (the only well written romantic bit in the comic is when they die together. Yes for two gay characters which Christian hates).
Trust me, there's plenty more sanity to lose.

Hm... Well, I've expressed a lot of how epic Darkbind was. Whereas everyone else was "just a ripoff", this guy ripped off so many people at once, it's hard to note just who he's ripping off. Heck, it's to the point where he's probably a little original.

My other favorite might be, from the way I reacted to her death and the following consequences, Simonla. Sure, she was one dimensional. Sure, she was a ripoff that Christian got himself called out for. Sure, she had to die to appease some guys. But for some reason, I can't help but feel sad at her moments, because I know that she'll die.

It's sort of like watching a show and knowing in advance that someone will die. It makes all their interactions and moments all the more meaningful, since once they leave the world through any means, those moments will impact those they cared the most. This is why I called out Christian for not showing the characters mourn for someone that he apparently made a great deal out of, because that would not be how you write a send off for someone.

Because of this, she is perhaps the only character I ever grew sympathy for, and unlike Chris-Chan, I didn't lose that sympathy. Yes. Wrap that around your head. Christian actually wrote a character that I gave sympathy to.
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