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Arrowstorm's Weekend Webcomics
Sandra And Woo
Just letting you know I'm going to be reading this liveblog.
The Other World & Universal Compass
Hey, might find this strange, but I'm the author of The Other World. In terms of not knowing what's going on, it's partly on purpose, partly due to an "evolving" art style. The comic will be continued soon (September/October), and certain things will be resolved.

As for the last page, Nemeosa decided to jump on the door in a previous comic. Nedriosa wanted the door to open, so that they wouldn't have to go back to the dark area. Athena insisting on her going back caused an emotional response from Nedriosa, activating "Hallucination". She then hallucinated the door opening, which altered the reality of the world that they're in, and Nemeosa fell through as she was jumping on it. The door she fell through was the same door that the others were at. The two groups had a different frame of gravity, so she appeared to fall upwards, and the guy caught her out of instinct. Or something like that.
:O I can honestly say that when I wrote this, I never expected it to be read by the author of any of the webcomcis that I talk about!

Thanks a lot for clearing that scene up. That was more or less what I thought happened but it's good to know for sure and to know that you do plan on continuing it at some point. Keep up the good work,I'm loving Life (no pun intended) at the moment, it's well written and the art style really has 'evolved' over time. Thanks for taking the time to read the post!

BTW, do you know if there are trope pages for any of the Cha0s Den comics? I havben't been able to find any :(
No tvtropes pages exist as far as I know. And no problem, it's fun reading reviews about my stuff.
Head Trip
Yeah, half the humor of Head Trip comes from stream-of-consciousness interpretations of conversations. It's not surprising that strips like that one weirded you out.
Gag-A-Day Vs Plot Driven Webcomics
This was a very interesting analysis post... I really like your view on the situation between these different genres. It is very cool to see your post.
El Goonish Shive
The author is on the record that he took the strip too serious too fast, and his recovery from that was clumsy, leaving some threads that haven't been picked up in years.
Questionable Content
In regards to the robotics and advanced science, Jeph had stated that the strip takes place in an Alternate Universe where the NASA space program was much more successful, giving way to more funding and more scientific advancements.
Yeah, I get that. My problem isn't with their existence per se, it's their inclusion in the comic that strikes me as unnecessary. They really don't add that much to the comic as a whole and even as characters they're both static and pretty flat.
Well, the AI I can give you, but how often do you see a slice-of-life strip have characters casually going up into space? XD
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