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Let's see how much mindscrew a single game can contain! (KH 3D)
Moving the plot forward at last!
Nice! I can't wait to play the game and see the amazing death of Sora and Riku.
Apparently getting an A rank on the first dive gets you Spark Dive, which is a decent early command from what I've heard.
Yeah, I went back after beating the world and got spark dive. Hopefully I can get time to do the next update soon.
Neku and Traverse Town and Dream Eaters, oh my!
Inverse Psychiatry = Reverse Psychology, only filtered through Beat's brain.
using deck commands in DE creation gives them the stat boost, not you
What do you mean I can't just play as Sora or Riku whenever I feel like it?
You're gonna want to spend a lot of time playing with the Dream Eaters. Aside from getting the occasional command, you also get permanent ability unlocks for both characters, so you can pretty much spend your time raising 6 different Dream Eaters and benefiting overall.

Helped me to get Mark of Mastery Edition, because it had Meowjesty (which you encounter later on) and 3 rare variants of the seal, Necho Cat, and armored beetle Dream Eaters, and all 4 have HIGHLY useful abilities. With enough raising and grinding, I was able to snag Zero Graviga before I even cleared the second world.
Rock 'em Sock 'em...monkey?
TWEWY spoilers: You know how there are two different versions of the phantom Shibuya? The first one gets destroyed, so Joshua transfers the characters to Traverse Town so that they'll survive until the second is finished being built.
I don't understand what you're saying. When was there another Underground of Shibuya? There was only one in the game itself.
You're not familiar with the New Game Plus, are you?
You mean another day? That's an alternate reality.
I know but that has nothing to do with the main story except for being the realm where Joshua hides out for a week.

Also Joshua doesn't destroy the Underground at all, Neku makes him stop.
Fair warning, I have no clue what is going to happen.
You should rewatch Hunchback if you get the chance. It's a great movie, and one that I think older audiences get a lot more out of.

Pimpin' Frollo ftw.
Just so you know, that frog is like the three Legendary Dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver. You will encounter him in 2 more worlds, both as Sora and Riku, and he will challenge you each time. His health doesn't return from the previous time you fight him, and it WILL take multiple attempts to kill him, but once you do you get the recipe to make him.
I already found him again but I won't get to that part in the liveblog for a while.

He's basically Deathgaze from what I can tell.
Just so you know, the keychain for Skull Noise is Mr. Mew. It's easier to see if you look closely in the game itself; the resolution in that photo is pretty bad.
The only part of the movie I actually remembered!

So, what's your opinion of La Cite Des Cloches so far? Better/worse/about the same as Traverse Town?
So far I like it. I would say Traverse Town is better but this world is designed with flowmotion in mind so I think it takes advantage of that system more than Traverse Town.
Because it worked so well in Port Royal...
I think the portal thing is designed so that random Programs couldn't run off into the real world. It's still pretty stupid, though.
That's probably a good idea but the fact that he has to explain this to Sam means it's likely that's not common knowledge. You're telling me he didn't have the foresight to let someone wait on the outside and open it again if need be just in case something went wrong?

They could also alter the users in some way so that they can open it from the inside while the programs can't.
Unfortunately, that's a plot hole in the movie that's carried over to this game. Flynn being trapped in the computer world for decades can't work without some reason he can't leave, but they really could have handled it better.
ccoa (edited by: ccoa)
The reason the Light Cycle is in the game is that it's supposed to be faithful to the movie - protagonist is not recognized as user, protagonist is sent into the Games to play as a result.

And before you ask, yes - the Light Cycles got upgraded in the film. They CAN do all the stuff you see them do in the game.
Wait...that's it?
Basically, Clu 2* is literally a part of Kevin Flynn. Kevin copied the person he was ages ago into the form you see, with the purpose to create the perfect system.

Unfortunately, when programs like Quorra began appearing (life born from nothing with code comparable to that of the human DNA strand), Kevin viewed them as the perfection he sought to bridge the gap between humanity and technology, while Clu 2 viewed them as anomalies to be destroyed. As a result, to "create the perfect system", Clu 2 became Hitler.

Clu 2 ended up becoming so powerful due to his control over the Grid that, if he were reabsorbed into Kevin, the resulting feedback would destroy them both. That's exactly what happened at the end of the movie.
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