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The Sexy Stripping Saiga Show: Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke
Introduction, the Rules & How much I'm going to break them
I see this is going to be a Sadist Show.

Fuck yeah.
Ooh, I like this. I'll be reading this, that's for sure.
I want more of this.
I am most pleased.
This was very interesting, so far.
Journey, Grief & Bacon
I was half expecting for your PC to remove the singed fles from Greg AND EAT IT.
I was hoping the title would trick people into thinking I was so incompetent that I got Greg killed already.

And you forget that the burns from Houndoom never go away, so this way I can be assured that Greg's flesh will stay perfectly cooked forever.
Permanent. Bacon.

Fuck no Houndoom! D:
> If I understand the randomizer correctly, I won't run into duplicates so this rule shouldn't matter. If I'm wrong I might actually follow it anyway.
I think you will. Every mon is there in the wild, but there are more slots in those tables than there are mons. Much more. The repeat mons are rare, actually meting doubles is exceedingly rare due to the huge assortment, but they're there.

>The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. <— I'll break the shit out of this rule if I run into a Pokemon I like.
Using the mons you wouldn't otherwise is half the point :V
Yeah, I didn't realise that it just randomized the appearance tables. I thought it gave me a completely different Pokemon each time, regardless of location.

And I am using mons I wouldn't otherwise! I just won't refrain from catching someone I really like because of DA RULEZ.
Out with a Bang
I see you're still fond of the tire iron disciplinary method. Let's hope it works, so that Greg doesn't do as Whiskers did and get vaporized for his disobedience.

Also, did not know that Regice could explode. That was rather surprising.
Wow, two legendaries.
Just as a note, Psywave is a mostly fixed damage attack. As low as half the user's level all the way up to 1.5X. So it's not bad for weakening 'mons.
Yeah, I generally use Psywave, but it did such pathetic scratch damage early on that I was too lazy to do things the safe way. :P
Wow, Whiskers was a dick
This is hilarious. xD
Fuckin' Disney
Slash some Pokeom for Claw-sensei!
Onward to Dewford!
This is getting good. xD
This is relevent to my interests.

This is interesting to my relatives.

That's a lie, they refuse to read it D:
Carrot Top
... It's time for Broly Filler? :D
Don't say that word to me D:
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