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Turtlebutter Watches Avatar The Last Airbender
It Begins...
WOOT! can't wait.
Are you watching it yet? No? How about now?
Patience ... geez I havent even left work yet!
Season 1: Episodes 1 - 4
By the way, there's currently a sequel series airing called The Legend of Korra, which is just as good and may even become better if it continues the way it's going.

Just about anyone will tell you season one is the show's weakest period, as the producers clearly lacked the clout to make the show they really wanted, and had to concede to Nickelodeon's requests to make it more for kids with stuff like Zuko's helmet landing on his butt in the pilot. This gets better as it goes along; there's still plenty of comedy, but it's largely character-based and naturally integrated.
Yea I'm definitely disappointed by the general lack of seriousness so far. A bit too much on the pratfalls and such, but I'm going to stick with it because everyone has told me it gets better.

I may extend this to cover Korra if I still like ATLA when Im finished watching it.
Turtlebutter (edited by: Turtlebutter)
Midway through the first season when you really start to hit meaty Myth Arc stuff is where it really starts to go from "fun" to "something really special", IMO. You're not that far off, actually!
And of course, now we have the Shyamalan film to show us how bad it's possible to make this story.
It gets better later one, Season 1 is much more episodic and comedic, season 2 starts the heavy drama.
Season 1: Episodes 5 - 8
"So if you cant control them you stick them someplace where they cant use their abilities. Makes sense I guess."

Unless you're M. Night Shyamalan, in which case just sticking them in a quarry will work fine.

Of course, someone made of rock, ice, and gas
Well, it's possible the Sozin's "Comet" was really an event called an Earth-Grazing-Fireball, and they just lumped it under 'comet" due to not haing as fine a distinction.

Anyway turtle, yeah Bumi was trying to teach Aang to 'think outside the box" pretty much

no he's just the cute side-kick animal, Appa is more then just a air taxi though...unless you Shyamalan

yup, they do go barefoot just for that

you can't do ANY bending in the spirit world

Eh he knew he just didn't stop and think about the new growth being fertilized by the fire it in one on the moon, Full Moon = most powerful time for waterbending. And the Sun empowers firebending so they are more powerful in the day, less so at night.
Actually seeing as how we SEE it enter the atmosphere it is the very definition of an EGF, they just had no word except "comet for it.

(Damn you no letting me edit posts.)
I genuinely liked the Second part of the Winter Solstice episode. It got a lot more serious at that point and gave definitive direction to the story. If future episodes carry on with that type of tone Ill probably enjoy them more.

The only reason I thought Momo was more significant was that he kept appearing every time Aang was wondering how he could talk to Roku.
huh....didn't think of that, but yeah it gets MUCH more serious, big build up for season 1 finale, seson 2 starts a bit more like season 1 did, but quickly becomes EPIC

ugh, your coming up to "the Great Divide" aren't you...ugh, worst episode of the series hands down...when you get a canon Discontinuity Nod with in the show itself, you know you were a bad episode.
Yeah, it becomes clear why the comet powers firebending, but until that happened it was quite the question mark among fans, given how comets typically contain every element except fire.
Season 1: Episodes 9 - 11
Mostly the reason The Great Divide is so hated is that it feels like a regular kids' show, when already by this point the fans were expecting more and were right to do so. I cringe thinking that there were probably several people who kept telling their friends about this new cartoon that tackled mature subject matter and didn't talk down to the audience, and then had this be the next episode that aired.
So it probably wouldn't have had a bad reception if it had been played earlier on in the season? Up until The Winter Solstice episodes it followed that formula.
There's also the fact that the next two episodes, the Storm and the Blue Spirit, are both very big, important ones, and the fact that Great Divide is one of the only episodes that is pure filler, adding literally nothing noteworthy to the Myth Arc, worldbuilding, or characteriztion.
Yeah, combo of it being written WAY more kiddie and Anvilicious and being damn near the ONLY episode that in no way shape or form has ANY bearing on the plot and/or character development for someone, baring a Discontinuity Nod in the penultimate episode.

I've heard from sevral fans that there are two episodes that are skipped the most, That one, because it's useless and boring, and Appa's Lost Days, because of just how emotional and tearjerking it can be for some people.
FYI: Episodes that have absolutely no bearing on the overall plot:
Well Avatar day doe show us the creation of Kyoshi Island, as well as a bit of insight into Avatar Kyoshi. And yeah a lot of Season 3 isn't really plot relevant, between episodes, but it's mostly showing either CD or exploring more of the Fire Nation. only one i can think of that totally skippable is The Painted Lady
I never got the hate for The Great Divide myself. It's not a bad episode. It's at least worth it to see the 3 unique art styles it shifts into during the story segments.

Bluespade (edited by: Bluespade)
And Aang turning into Elmer Fudd during his meltdown at the end.

At least Rene Auberjonois was able to come back to the show as a much better character.
Really it's a lot like the hate for MMDW among bronies, it's not "bad" by any objective standard, it's just not up to same quality as the rest of the show.
i actually really liek the episode. good moral, interesting one shot characters, and awesome moment for aang!
Lets put it thus way: "The Great Divide" is the WORST ATLAB has to offer. And it's still better than the average kids show.
Season 1: Episodes 12-15
Yeah it was filler, but fun. And loved how they WEREN'T going to just leave Aang, until he got them pissed anyway.
With them leaving him to find their father. I dunno, I think they'd been with Aang long enough to understand why he would do something like that. They are prettymuch ALL the family he has in the world save for Appa, and his fear of them leaving him was in line with his character I think. Im guesing it was just a hot headed moment, and they had to cool off a bit before turning back.
Episode 15 is very memorable for me because it's pretty much (minor spoilers, sort of) Aang and Zuko's last big one on one fight.
Yeah that's what i figured to, they were just mad, even without Zukko finding them once they calmed down they would have gone back.
@Bluespade - Dont worry about spoilers so much, a certain someone on the Pony board already spoiled that particular item for me already. Wish they'd use spoiler tags more when they rant :(
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