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Twin Union: We'll Never Fight Alone! (Sacred Stones Draft)
Chapter 7: (Just around the Riverbend)
Even with Franz you beat me. Huh, wonder where I lost a turn. Congrats!
Interlude: How the team is doing, and my first path choice
The first chapter for Eirika is going to be nicer for you since you have both a Cavalier and a flyer (albeit very low level). Promotion items won't be a huge issue, you'll get a Hero's Crest from Gerik and a Guiding Ring from the boss in Chapter 10. Don't worry too much about recruiting Gerik's group, as they can hold their own and they'll automatically join so long as they survive.
Chapter 12A: Promotions. Lots and Lots of promotions.
Ewan looks like he'll be pretty fast, with a Speed of 9 on promotion to Mage. Too bad he gets no Magic.
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
I'm worried that Ewan will be a bit of a load character tbh. 9 Speed may be great for a level 1 mage, but its still not enough to double. And don't even get me started on that HP. He's definitely getting the other Angelic Robe I found, that's for sure.
Chapter 15A: (TREASURE TIME!...oh, and your brother's safe too)
You still have me beat, even with Queen of White Dunes, since I had so much trouble with the monster chapters.
Interlude #2 (It's been a while)
It feels weird looking at stat screens from other games after Radiant Dawn. I can't tell if anything's good or not out of context, too used to seeing 30's and 40's everywhere.
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