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We Come To The Land Of The Ice And Snow: A Skyrim Playthrough Blog
Will be watching. ^_^
Sweet. Rather then play, I can just read about you playing instead.
I'm voting for the Breton spell sword.

Also, this reminds me that I've got to get around to finishing Skyrim some time.
Pfff, FINISH Skyrim? One does not merely finish Skyrim. Skyrim finishes YOU.

I'm voting for a Khajiit ranger.
Schedule slip is in full effect, sorry guys.

Current voting(also counts votes from certain people who refuse to move their lazy asses and post on here) weighs in at: Breton Spell Sword: 2 Nord Warrior: 3 Dark Elf Spell Sword: 1 Khajiit Ranger: 1

Also, if Khajiit gets picked, I am so doing the diary in Khajiit voice.

"A guard spat at this one today, and called this one "cat-scum". This one was honored to receive that one's hairball of supplication, but wonders what a cat is."
Still haven't played Skyrim even though I own it now.

I'll look forward to seeing the story and what's different from Oblivion, maybe I'll finally start and follow along.

Also I'm going to vote for the Khajiit, although I myself will probably be boring and pick Nord because it's their land.
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So Breton spell sword has apparently won out. Starting up my console now. Update coming soon.

Character creation
So, as I fire up my console, I realize Skyrim is... missing. Several swear words and angry texts later, I learn my jackass brother has taken my copy with him to play. He lives about fifty miles away.

So I will instead be starting this LP when I get it back from him.

Moral of the day: Your brothers deserve to die.
Breton is definitely a good class for Conjuration, as their skills are mostly geared towards bringing allies into play and staying alive.

Swapping between a sword and a healing spell along with your summon on the left hand will give you a nice set until you start encountering the higher level magic-resistant enemies.
I could never really get into Conjuration, but I'll try.
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