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Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted
The Boring Stuff
It seems that every Touhoumon hack manages to implement the physical/special split in a Fire Red hack that Game Freak officially pulled off in Diamond/Pearl.

My personal belief with this is that either: GF was thinking about implementing the split in Gen III but ultimately held off until the Gen IV, and someone managed to get it working in a hack; or a hack programmer got really clever with one of the GBA games (I'm leaning this way, myself). Either way, I'm pretty sure what that first hacker pulled off was then copied by anyone who wanted to implement the split in their hack (what, can you honestly tell me this doesn't make sense?).
I'm pretty sure its the later. I don't really understand how it works, mind you. :P
I like the fact that they have the physical/special split in those games, it actually changes the tiers up a lot.
Catches and Rivals
I tried playing this game on a couple occasions. The first time, I chose Sanae, and became obsessed with trying to defeat the rival battle on route 22. The second, I chose Reisen, and I stopped playing after my save file glitched out and reverted to a save that was a couple hours before I had actually last saved.

So yeah, I've become convinced that Touhoumon 1.8 enjoys seeing me suffer, so I'll instead see it play out by watching it make someone else suffer. Best of luck to you.
Thank you very much! Hopefully I won't suffer TOO much, if you don't mind. XD
Forest Explorer!
> See natures > Bang head repeatedly against wall

But good job, Digi! Mura makes Gyms look easy as always.

What else do I want to say? I actually HATE the move Poison Jab. I might have not liked the natures, but T Alice actually loves that Adamant nature. Too bad her physical options aren't very good. Calm is nice for Nazrin and H Nzarin. The other two are just bleh though, especially Tokiko's.

Well, good luck with the rest of the run~
Thank you! Hopefully it goes well! xD

Ya, my natures are NOT off to the best start.
In Which Rivals are Battled, and I am Stupid
"We're in a new route, and that means a new catch! Our first find in the grass is...

Chibi Kogasa! I've never used one before, so this should be interesting. She's a pure ghost type, and as I recall, in AW/WL, she was bulky, with a lot of move variety. I'll name her Linessa, after a ghost girl in a story of mine.

Catch time! We get...

cKogasa! Never had one of those before, this should be interesting! In AW/WL, I recall them being pretty defensive... Named her Linessa, for a ghost girl in a story of mine."

Methinks you got distracted while writing this. Just a hunch.
Ooops. I thought I caught all of that. Its like when you have a sentence that has 'the' twice in a row, on seperate lines. Your brain just doesn't see it. >_> I'll fix that ASAP.

Basically, I jot down whatever goes through my head as I play. Then I format it into something readable. I thought I got all of the extra bits out.
So Many New Recruits
Um, I noticed a few things that need correction. You didn't include Attack Lily White or the Aki Sisters in your analysis. And you still referred to C Reimu as a Normal/Flying. In 1.8, there is no Normal type... and C Reimu is a Pure Shinto type (or a Faith type, if you're playing a certain other version with a different translation).

Other than that, I'm looking forward to finding out what happens later with the Gym Leaders!
....Where IS my brain, that I referred to Reimu as normal/flying? I don't even.

As for Lily White, there's no attack version listed in the wiki. I'll investigate with the Editor I've got.

I did one of the sisters here. I'm saving ALL the other catches for the next update. Its going to be saturated with analysis.
Investigated a bit. cLilyWhite can evolve into A Lily White or H Lily White while in her chibi form, but can only go into H Lily White when she's Lily White. What. That...has to be a mistake. Even weirder, she can't shift back to her other forms once she's in Attack form.

I did find the data on her though. I'll put it in the next update.
That's not really a mistake, I think. Doesn't slide evolution work like that? It'd be terribly complicated to have all forms to be able to slide to all forms, if you know how the evolutions work. It's easier and wastes less space to slide 1 to 1 than to slide 1 to 3.

And by Aki Sisters, I meant the actual Puppet "Aki Sisters," where Shizuha and Minoriko team up as one unit.
You'd THINK so, but assuming this editor is working CAN actually slide around between forms. You use the same type shard to turn them back into the basic form.

Aki Sisters wasn't on the wiki either. I'll do them next update as well.
Ehh? Are you sure you're using the right Wiki?

Kyou-kun and Loli Sauce put in a lot of work into the Dex; I'd hate to see it go to waste. Also, ignore the egg moves; they're completely wrong. Not that it really matters since no breeding in Nuzlockes, but... just saying.
Nope, that's a different wiki from mine. I'll switch to that one, it seems more reliable. xD
Misty Gets Drowned
Terribly sorry to hear about Rhyme, especially because of your earlier remarks on her Technical form. Too good to last, I suppose. Still, it looks like you're making progress, and your team is prepared for nearly any element you face. Best of luck on your way to Vermillion City, and have a nice day!
Aww, Rhyme... Not again... Why do bad things always happen to Parsee?

And "something called Power Whip,"... Um, Power Whip exists in Pokemon too, you know... Have you played Gen IV or V yet, Digi? That's where it comes from, you know.
I'm convinced these games hate Parsee or something. That must be it. Everyone is out to get her!

I thought power whip sounded familiar? xD I'm not used to gen 4 moves being in a gen 3 game. I'm also VERY unfamiliar with gen 4. I enjoyed black/white much more, but I never got into DP Pl.
Surge Shocks No One
...Actually, I always used brute-force trial and error and trial and error and trial and error... Yeah, you get the picture. Then again, genuine Nintendo hardware is rather notorious for lacking save state functionality...
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