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Fish's Annotated Gold Nuzlocke++ Run
I look forward to reading about you going insane as you attempt this.
Oh, I am insane already.

What do you think gave me this idea?
Fixed the broken link to Freddy's, which just redirected to this page. derp
Good luck assigning those H Ms.
Oh Crap
Still Going Strong
As a side note, if I lose all my Pokemon at any time I will restart the game from scratch until I win. So this might be a long liveblog.
emulation blargle
I think that's a good team to take on Whitney with.

Miltank is something of a Puzzle Boss. There's an element of luck, but the best way to win is to use accuracy reduction and status effects to prevent her from landing consecutive attacks. You've got potential users of Thunder Wave, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Smokescreen, and there's always Mud Slap.
Yeah, I am around Level 25 as of this comment (dear god if it were not for superspeed), which should be enough to take on Whitney; I will probably post Whitney and maybe Morty tomorrow?

Whitney is where I usually lose a Pokemon in standard Nuzlocke runs, so I am playing this super careful.
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