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This reminds me of a puzzle!
Puzzle #1 Welcome to St. Mystere
An excellent series, if I do say so myself. I'll be crossing my fingers, hoping that you don't lose interest midway through, and that you enjoy yourself.

One thing always bothered me about the opening of this game, though. If Luke's letter states that there are secrets about St. Mystere that aren't supposed to be shared, is the rest of the game one huge slip of the tongue?
I don't think they know about us. At any rate, we're not going to tell anyone in their world, right?
Puzzle #2 Welcome to St. Mystere (for real)
Oh, those blasted hint coins. I think there's a total of 200 of those blasted things in this game, and since I only used a guide for the really challenging puzzles, my continuous random poking of the touch screen led to me barely finding over half of them. At least it was good to know that there were a maximum of three hidden in every area...

And as far as format is concerned, I can't currently think of any improvements. Adding in your thought process was a nice touch, though.
You may find yourself developing a sense for where these coins might be. I recall several places in The Last Specter/The Specter's Flute where I snagged all three on a screen right off. YMMV, however.

Paper's okay, but the games do have a built-in memo function which allows you to draw over the top of the screen without activating anything. (Of course, if you're concerned about preserving your touchscreen, paper may be the better choice.)
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