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Mike K Watches Every Movie He Owns On DVD
Sounds interesting. Will you be linking to that old blog as well?
I'm going to edit a link to the 365 movies thing into my spiel up there, but here it is anyway: Tumblr isn't much for the whole finding specific posts thing, but at least I used tags for certain directors, actors, genres, and series that I ended up covering multiple times.
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Now, it's been a REALLY long time since I've seen this movie (at least seven years), but I thought that Joe was Charlie's grandpa, not his uncle. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, or Burton changed it to grandpa for the remake?
Yeah, I made a mistake, it is in fact Grandpa Joe.
Watching this one again recently, I actually found that I much prefer the first half. The satire of candy bars being such Serious Business naturally went right over my head as a kid, when they actually were that important, but now the whole sequence is hilarious. The second half in the actual factory is still fun, but it seems a bit more designed solely for kids, Wonka's literary quotes notwithstanding.

Also, whoever had the idea to reunite the five kid actors for the DVD commentary deserves a prize. Especially fun is when one of them keeps building up to the "nitwit" Brick Joke that no one ever gets, only to completely miss the punchline.
Yep, it did feel like they handed the Idiot Ball to Grandpa Joe and Charlie so that they'd break the rules. It does set up a good opportunity for character development later with their confrontation with Wonka, but you think that after watching two people break the rules and get punished that they'd know better than to touch a dangerous candy.
Dumb And Dumber
A modern comedy classic that hasn't aged a day, unlike a lot of Carrey's other work from the time. Also, this kind of thing gave us the "Jim Carrey Film Festival" joke in The Simpsons that a lot of younger viewers likely don't get since that kind of thing actually seems plausible now.
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