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Introduction, and the basics
ThatOneBoss # 1 - Matador
You know, despite enjoying the game and having played many other Tensei titles, I don't think I ever fought this boss. The legendary difficulty told in various guides and blogs was enough to dissuade me from ever challenging the Matador before, but with that tip on agility buffs, I might be motivated to pull that game back out of my cabinet and get a bit farther during the upcoming winter holidays. Thanks for taking the time to try and help others through the challenging ordeals that this game throws at you!
ThatOneBoss #4 - Ongyo-Ki
Even withouth the Kagutsuchi trick, he isn't that hard. Brings as many demons that resist or are immune to physical attacks, have the counter skill and maybe use Tetraja and Dekaja once in a while. If you don't mind recovering M Ps with items, you can go as far as casting Tetrakarn every turn. If a face get counterattacked, it'll just dissappear. If the real get countered, beat him up afterward. : P If the fight last long enough, he'll even run out of MP, even more faster if you drain his M Ps. NEXT! :P
ThatOneBoss #5 - Girimehkala (and Sakahagi)
It's fun for the Girimehkala to have with the main character that fire skill that cost HP instead of MP. : ) Also, if Sakahagi survive long enough, he will quickly run out of MP, mentioning he had wasted the rest on summoning Girimehkala. X D
ThatOneBoss #6 - Aciel
I found Skadi to be nightmarish, even on Normal, which is the difficulty that I'm playing on. It helps to use Fog Breath and to have Force resistance, because she whores Mazandyne most of the time. Which demon has both of these attributes? Sparna, who is found as a random encounter in the outside portion of the Amala Temple!
Someone once mentioned a trick that make Sol Niger a non-issue. Something that made me feel dumb for not thinking of it before hand. Basically, set up Tetrakarn just before the turn Sol Niger comes out. Sure, it cost lot of M Ps but, you have to use your items eventually. X D Also, a nice thing to know is that Aciel can be sometime frozen by ice attacks. If that happens, just beat him up with physical attacks while it last. ^^
ThatOneBoss #7 - Trumpeter
It helps to have Endure in this fight, because that will allow the Demi-Fiend to survive the Evil Melody, albeit with one HP.
ThatOneBoss #8 - Mot
Setanta/Cu Culain is a demon that seem to be made for surviving this fight. Natural high Agility + Suku Kaja? You're in! If you want to give you an even better edge, fuse a few Mitamas to boost its Agility.
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