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There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Prologue: Press Start to Begin Liveblogging
This looks entertainingly WTF. Watching!
Chapter 1: Neptune Falling...and Rising
An interesting game that I've had my eye on for a while, and an enthralling liveblogger whose works I've enjoyed in the past...for a lack of better words, it's two good tastes that go great together. Best of luck on your quest, Willy, and know that I'll be supporting you all the way.
I like the fact that she just entered "Tutorial Dungeon" on Goog—er, "DungleMaps" and one popped up. Awesome.
Theoretically, you should be able to use it to find anything, so I don't think tutorial dungeons would totally be out of the question...
Chapter 2: IF and the Pale Witch
I'm not entirely sure how items work in this, but A-OK! I'm a bit confused that Sega apparently exists as both a goddess and a company, but eh, whatever, it's Japan.
Items are used automatically as long as the party has the right combination of ingredients (there are four different types: Reflex, Detoxin, Gelatin and Tuffmil).

As for the ZECA/Sega/Neptune connection, I'm not sure about that one either. But since Sega's name is listed in the credits line along with NISA, Idea Factory and Compile Heart, you can expect to see a lot of their assets in this game.
Chapter 3: Dungeoneering, Terraportation, and Random Video Game References
Possibly it's a development limitation... but it could be a reference to Tales Of Symphonia, in which all the skits were voiced in Japanese, but silent in the English version. Given this game, who knows?
Chapter 5: Heart Full of Black - The True Name of Evil
This plot is getting more and more complicated.
Chapter 6: The Great Tech Expo Exposé
You know, it just occured to me: We have characters named are Chian and Chevre? Is it a joke of some kind, or is it just random like that?
Probably not a joke, but I'm definitely seeing a pattern.

Chian, Chèvre, Ganache...I've figured it out! Lastation is actually Allucaneet Palace in the far-flung future!
Chapter 7: Rolling Blackout
So Black Heart and Neptune are totally girl-crushin' on one another? Heh.
Well, Neptune is pretty glomp- and grope-happy, and Black Heart does exhibit tsundere tendencies (even if it is more "tsun" than "dere")...
Chapter 8: Leaving for Leanbox
I'm now currently at around the same point you are (I plan to complete all available Lastation quests before proceeding to the next landmass). How long should I equip Mech Sword Armas in order to progress the storyline?
I'm trying to figure that out now (whether or not I even need to do so). When I ran out of stuff to do for my level, I bolted on over to Leanbox to get some action. Perhaps I'll find the answer to this as I play some more.
I find it funny that this is a world in which goddesses have, let alone need, official PR blogs.
And yet, they still have messengers to speak for them. Truly, these are the churches of the future.
Chapter 12: Overlord's Right Hand
Just so you know, I recently picked up a copy of this game. I haven't actually played it yet, though, mainly because I don't have the equipment to hook my PS 3 up to the internet as of yet. I know that I don't need DLC to enjoy myself, but I hear that much of it is free, and all of it sounds so tempting! Of course, if your tales of adventure and hilarity are anything to go by, I'll have a blast when the time comes. This has been a fantastic liveblog thus far, and I urge you to keep up the marvelous work!
A lot of the "free" DLC dungeons that are available are impossible to complete unless you buy the patches that break the level 99 cap.

The only paid add-ons that I'd recommend for enhancing your Neptunia experience are the character-based ones (though I wonder why Idea Factory and Compile Heart didn't just make Nisa and Gust playable from the get-go)...
Chapter 20: Raid on Entremets
This is your third Key Fragment obtained, correct? Well, congratulations on getting this far, and I hope that obtaining the fourth (possibly final, even though it feels like there's still a lot of gameplay left to go?) piece doesn't give you too much trouble.
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