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The Best Damn Psychological Mega Crossover Ever: Rika Liveblogs My Little Eye!
Part 1: Trial by Jerkassery
Hey, are you going to finish off that Prayer Warrior thing, it was kinda funny to read.

Finale: Reality War
Your reaction to the Wham Line was priceless.
To be honest, I clicked on this liveblog by accident, but the first update was so well-written and witty that I was enticed to read this to the end. I...well, I wasn't expecting this. I mean, the words 'psychological horror' implies that our expectations will be played with and a happy ending is nonexistant, but this really threw me for a loop. I would probably be absolutely terrified and deeply disturbed if I actually found a copy of this film and watched it, but I did enjoy reading about your unique perspective to this work. While I'll probably have a nightmare tonight, my inability to handle a good scare doesn't mean that this liveblog wasn't excellent, and I do wish you the best of luck on future projects.
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