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A four-season travel in Elonta (a Pokémon: Tabletop Adventures campaign)
Elonta 101: What you need to know
Hm... Abel sounds cool and the kind of person I can follow.
How long've you been running/setting up this game, Talden?

But does the Pulsar Research Center do research on pulsars?
Your description of the climate makes me wonder just how frequently one would find an Ice-type...but I suppose that's knowledge I'll have to discover by reading future updates, won't I? Continue with these interesting descriptions and excellent grammar, and I'll definitely enjoy reading your future entries.
Quick answers:

GULPIN! (o3o)

Looks snazy. Best of luck with the group and am looking forward to future updates.
I have way too much free time
To make a Pokemon joke about, you are a Geodude, because you rock.

(Insert rimshot) (Insert groans)

For some reason, I'm interpreting the Gulpin face as the "SO AWESOME" face.
No, I think that would be /)°3°(\, but mirrored somehow.
Or, evidently, /)^ɛ^(\. So I was close.
Swimmer, crocodile and family drama
I like it so far, though Sanford and Aelya's relationship reminds me too much of a Disney Movie, with the overprotective father and his daughter who wants to leave her home and go do exciting things.

Abel on the other hand is getting more interesting... And do I smell a shipping between Abel and Aleya?
Ah, plot! And an interesting one at that! Intrigue, conflict, passion...well, not in the romantic sense. Getting to the point, I think that this was a good recap of a dramatic session, and I hope that future updates will be just as remarkable.
It's funny how you all seems to like my story (and my players, too), because when I was writing it, it felt kinda tacked-on and somehow railroaded. I had to put everything in order during the first session, so that they can freely roam the world on the next one... Oh well, nice to see you enjoyed it! :)
Wow. You have all the hallmarks of a good DM: improvisational skill, leading the player the right way...

I'm almost tempted to say it's a shame you don't DM more often.
Aah, here's some of the potential I saw when I heard about this system.

Hashil (edited by: Hashil)
Talden, stop this. You are making me look bad. Well, "bad" isn't the right word...

I think "horrible", "pathetic", and "dear-Missingno.-why-isn't-Talden-G Ming?!" work better.
Ow come on, that's not true, I like playing in your games! :) And if you up the ante a little on the few next sessions, it'll be just fine. Besides, my players are doing more than half the work on that awesomeness, it wouldn't be as good without those two insane guys.
A long, hard way to Mercuryville
A good recap. Aelya's subplot with Henry THE SUPER-REPORTER! has me interested in seeing how it turns out while something tells me that either Maria or Claudia will become a recurring antagonist or maybe a rival.
"Henry! Get me pictures of that Galvantulaman! I'll see him behind bars if it's the last thing I do!"

But yes, great job again. THE SUPER-REPORTER! and Maria sound like very interseting NP Cs.
Sunscreen is mandatory

Were the trainers affected by the -3HP sun stuff?

In any case, it looks like it is coming along amazingly. Keep up the awesome work.
Yes, they did, but since one was Ace Trainer and the other Martial Artist, they had a lot of HP to spare, so nothing nasty came out of it. Except first degree burns.
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