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Because One Time Wasn't Enough--Lightspeed Rescue: The Livebloggening, Part II
A Foreword
Looking forward to it. I enjoyed PR:LR
Episode 2: Lightspeed Teamwork
This is getting along well, but yes, you could do with less Carter fangirling.
Episode 4: Riding the Edge
Oh, this episode has the recommended daily dose of Sean Johnson gushing.

And it's not surprising Kelsey didn't have SLOPPY MAKEOUTS in this ep.
Well, I'm certainly not going to do the gushing next episode, that's for damn sure. :P Gotta try to keep some things in my previous attempt of a liveblog.

And you're right. If the show didn't have that No Hugging No Kissing policy, the makeouts would have happened. But as it is...
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