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So You Wanna Do a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Liveblog
Hello and Other Important Warnings
... Where will you find the episodes?
Oh, don't worry, I recorded a lot of the episodes onto DVD. This liveblog is like the Greatest Hits of the series. I think they're still available on the G4 website, but since I already have them recorded on-hand, I don't need to look them up there.
Sex? In MY Video Games? It's more common than you think.
The teacher is Hideo, and the nurse is Kyoko. The girl is Wonder Momo. Her original game had her attack with nothing but a high kick, hence the panty shot. There was also the stretchy-arm guy, Bravoman. The Chinese spy's name is Fongling, and to be honest I'm surprised that she was even put in the game.
Thank you for clearing that up. I've wondered for some time who some of the more obscure characters were in that intro. It is rather surprising that they put in Fongling and the main guy from Dead Aim over everyone else in Resident Evil. Maybe they thought it would be cool to have her cross over with Regina. Also, it may have been their reason to use the boat from Dead Aim as one of the stages, which I think it is.
The Terrible Surprise Episode
That monster head? It's Freddy Krueger. Have fun with that. : D

Also, yeah - removing the code was pretty much a bad move on Treyarch's part... and yet many years later they're still dealing with controversy thanks to the Modern Warfare series, which they willingly put in the story.

Hypocrisy much?
Really?! I didn't know. I always thought it was just some random monster head that they put in there... then again, I never really watched those movies too closely.

There's also the torture sequence with the windows in Black Ops. I didn't hear anyone complain about that, unlike "No Russian".
BearyScary (edited by: BearyScary)
The Bad Export for You Episode
Correction: Yakuza 4 is NOT Yakuza Of The End.
Michael Jackson Would Not Have Approved of This in This Context
... Oh man, I just looked up videos of Heavy Metal Thunder, and DEAR LORD.

It looks like a cross between Monster Rancher, HARDCORE Japanese metal, and a Blood Sport. Losing robots are messily blown apart as execution, with their controllers hot-branded and sent off to some island for execution.

I can see why this wouldn't be translated.

It sounds cool up to that part about the hot-branding and the executions. I guess the interns didn't get that far into the game for them to even try to convey that part of the story.

At that rate, it couldn't be translated without the downsides being heavily altered, at the least.

Thanks! I always wondered about what the game was really about. D:
Dumps Like a Truck, Truck, Truck
The sideboob was never censored in the BKB game.
Devilishly Yours
Ahh yes, I know exactly what you're talking about for the next installment.

The True Art Is... Something... Episode
Not much info, eh?

Ah, you got me. When I did my own Google search, I didn't receive any results from Giant Bomb... Also, the link that you provided is the first one to a Giant Bomb article that I ever clicked on. Thanks!

The artwork for the game is definitely... different.
The Horror!
lol N Word Privileges
NINJAS~ (guitar riff)
This got to one of your short page of your live blog.
Starring The Wachowskis
Wait... from episode 16 to 19? I'm confused.

Also yes, the way that the Wachowski twins handled briefing the player regarding the final boss was hilarious and fitting at the same time.
Heh, yeah... I decided to skip the episodes that were less interesting and/or redundant. Sorry for the confusion.
Black and Blue Roses
... What.

That ending.

Rather Tasteless
Always interesting to see early footage, no? That's why I like going to sites like Unseen 64 (located here).
Oh, yeah! Unseen 64 is made of awesome.
Around the World in 80 Games
Oh lordy, Samurai Champloo... From all the reviews I'd seen when it came out, the game was bad. Apparently the gameplay was not handled well at all, despite the faithfulness to the... 'soul' of the series, I guess.
The Ballad of Rowdy Reiko
Whoever was playing Streetwise must've known about Poison beforehand.
My Little Vincent: Friendship is Magic
Nice to see this series wasn't forgotten. : )

But yeah - I have Dirge of Cerberus. It's pretty much as generic as you'd think it is outside of cutscenes.
Aw, thanks. I haven't forgotten about it, I've just been busy with other stuff. I'll try to do more installments soon.

Aw, really? So The Dark Id's LP is justified? :'(
Yes it is. Hilariously so. Don't let that stop you from tracking down your own copy if you're curious, though.
No Lifeguard On Duty
Yeah, all 3 of the Silent Hill Experience music videos are creepy as all hell. Kinda makes you glad that they didn't make any more beyond that. XD
Do Gamers Dream of Pixelated Sheep?
Oh yeah, that Spawn game... I think that was the only game in the whole franchise that actively did (online) multiplayer AND was the only game in the whole franchise in which its developers completely missed the point behind the series and made it a Quake III clone!
Oh, so that explains the rockets, LOL.
Everybody Play Poe's Law
Hey new entry, I wonder what-*reads Silent Hill section*

... What. Why would anyone be upset... Errrrrgh...
I know, right? I only realized that they failed Poes Law a long time after reading that in the magazine. XD

Of course, back then, I didn't know what Poes Law was, exactly. C:

Thank you for the comment!
The Feisty and the Furious
Yeah, the company behind Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain just love showing off their tech demos. Their latest one is actually quite interesting.

Also lol Si N Episodes. That game basically did really badly in sales because, by the time the series was announced, nobody cared about it. As far as history is concerned, it didn't have the potential to bring anything new to the FPS genre.
We Can Be Heroes
... It was a snowboarding game. That was A PUN. SHE WAS TRYING TO BE FUNNY.
One Bad Mother Clucker
Mort the Chicken... Such a weird game, and the platforming wasn't even that good.

Sadness looked to be quite interesting from that trailer. Also never even heard of Metal Combat, but it looks just plain silly.
I had a demo of Mort the Chicken, and the gameplay was forgettable. But the cutscenes and voice acting are so weird, strangely cynical in a way, from what I saw on the show.

I never heard of Metal Combat before this episode, either. The top comment for the You Tube video for its trailer is from some poor soul that worked on the game. He ripped into the game's producer, claiming that the game took 10 years to be made due to his incompetence. Another comment says that it got a 15% from PC Gamer. Yowza.
No Glomping Zone
I actually have a demo of Sky Gunner, back from when Official U.S. Playstation Magazine still existed. It was fun as hell, and made me want the game, but now it's extremely hard to find.

Also lol Kingpin. Soldier of Fortune was a much better game during that period, and IT got a sequel as proof.

Also lol Des Blood. Took me forever to figure out what the deal with that... thing... was.
I have that same demo! I would like to get a copy myself. The game seems utterly charming.

Yeah, I don't remember much about Kingpin. The old Gamespot TV show didn't like it very much IIRC.

Running On the Row
Heh. I get the feeling that the Cinematech people saw the potential for silliness in Saint's Row long before the creators started work on 2.

Also, it has a page, just so y'know. Overall, the game was okay, with nice transitions between areas when you're just looking for the non-plot demons to kill, but when it reaches the midway point, it gets kinda... weird.
Probably. I don't own any of the games, but I did read SR2's page, and it seems much funnier than the first.

Oh, cool. Kinda weird, huh? That makes me even more curious...
Death Bunnies
Ah, Dragon Quarter... such an underrated game.

The whole revival mechanism (Scenario Over Lay) is pretty much used to guarantee that you stock up on stat-boosting items to prepare yourself for every restart, plus every time you play through the story after reaching a certain point in your last playthrough, you unlock more of the story cutscenes... and it can get really disturbing at times.
nomuru2d (edited by: nomuru2d)
That sounds interesting. Kind of a shame that Capcom stopped making RPGs, wouldn't you say? They also had a hand in developing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, according to the credits.
BearyScary (edited by: BearyScary)
All they did was contribute Dante, and even he got replaced by a superior-in-gameplay Raidou Kuzunoha in the Japanese re-re-release.
Shot Through the Heart
Funny thing about Drakengard: the weirdness didn't stop at Drakengard 2.
I'm kind of interested in Nier because of its Multiple Endings. Is it good?
Good, but dear lord... the story is DARK when you think about it all the way through after the end of your first playthrough, and that's not even taking into account the backstory behind the world itself...

Thankfully, The Dark Id did a good service and LP'd the game AND the Grimoire Nier content. Definitely a good read if you can't play the game but want to experience it.
Hot Fuzz
To be fair, the Square Enix FMA games did well enough to thrive here.
That's good. I love FMA. I only tried both of the games on demo discs; the second one seemed a bit better.
The Immortals vs. the Dragons
Technically, Blue Dragon DID get a re-release on the DS...
Oh, yeah, Blue Dragon +, and an anime series... that was pretty different from the games.
Tasty Licks
Ah, I see you've come across the trailer for Kenka Bancho 1 - what is pretty much viewed as the ultimate delinquent game. The stare-down is basically the framing device for an insult-tossing mini-game, which boosts your morale for the fight immediately afterwards if you win. If you're interested, the series did come over with the PSP series entry, Badass Rumble.

Also lol Destrega. That gameplay was so confusing, to be perfectly honest. Context-sensitive actions depending on distance just don't ever seem like a good idea. Also fun fact: because this was made roughly around the same time as the first Dynasty Warriors (which was a fighting game), they made it so you could unlock characters from it as alternate costumes.
I somewhat fondly remember Destrega from a PS 1 demo disc. It was a fresh idea for a fighting game, at least.

Thank you for your comment!
Macho Men
Fun fact: Cho Aniki is available on PSN as an import, as well as the translated latest entry, Cho Aniki Zero. If you think the series is camp now, just wait until you read it fully translated...
Oh, my, that sounds epically lulzy. :D
Cutie-Pie Butt Kickers
Actually, the unreleased 3DO game was called Duelin' Fireman.

Also why didn't you include Budokai 3 in that? Was it not in the episode?
nomuru2d (edited by: nomuru2d)
Okay, I'll correct that. I wasn't sure of the title.

I didn't include Budokai 3 because I only rented it once, and didn't really remember much about it. In actuality, no Dragon Ball games were in that episode; I just piggybacked a mini-review of other anime games I've played onto the installment because the episode featured Elemental Gelade.
Well, I OWNED Budokai 3. Lemme tell you - until the Tenkaichi series came out, it was the BEST DBZ game in the market. An immersive story mode with multiple characters, and not only did it expand on some things via branching paths (such as Vegeta's time raising Trunks), but it also managed to somewhat reconcile the presence of GT elements in the game (SS 4 Goku and Gogeta, and Omega Shenron).
That sounds kinda awesome. I love branching paths. :D
In the Shadow of Greatness

Also a couple things about Blue Dragon.

First, there was one innovation that they put in to decrease the amount of battles - if your party was strong enough to guarantee a first-turn victory against monsters in an area, you could turn on an energy field around your character and instantly kill whatever monsters you bump into when roaming around the field.

Second, it's usually agreed that the DS version, Blue Dragon Plus, made a lot of improvements over the original.
I love that song, even though it comes from a game that doesn't look very good. It's such an Ear Worm...

I actually don't remember that feature being in Blue Dragon, but it sounds useful. I haven't finished the game yet; I think I only got to Disc Two. When I defeat the game, I could check out BD+ someday.
Sanity's Rest Stop
I swear, it seems like they've been teasing that ED sequel for ages now.

Also there's a couple games you forgot in regards to Namco X Capcom. Those would be the two Super Robot Wars OG Saga games, which are in canon as Reiji, Xiaomu, Saya, Shion, and KOS-MOS all remember each other from previous appearances. They're also the reason why the two games' Super Robot Wars characters are also crossing over into Project X Zone.
Yeah. Unfortunately, Silicon Knights is in dire straits now. And wasn't Too Human supposed to be a trilogy, too?

Oh, that's cool. I didn't note Super Robot Wars because I don't know anything about that series.
Locks, Stocks, and Two Smoking Fists
lol Eureka Seven - those games aren't necessary to understand what's going on in the series' plot, but they do make for some nice world-building.
That makes me somewhat curious about them. On a side note, I dislike how Toonami keeps moving E7's timeslot up!
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