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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Ye Olde Introduction
I love me some Yggdra Union so this should be good.
Battlefield 2: Jaws of the Wolf, or: Do you want to know how wrong things can go because of a random chance? I sure didn't.
LOVE Milanor and Yggdra Sortie.
Battlefield 3: West Orlando, or: The Game gets Serious
Royal Army (Defense) is my favorite Royal Army tune as well. BTW, you forgot a very important Sortie theme, Aegina Sortie.
That's quite intentional, actually. Its name is kind of a spoiler, so I'm going to link it once the name is no longer a spoiler.

In other words, don't expect to see a link to it for 40 battlefields or so.
Also, I personally didn't see this fight as bad as some of the others in the game though. But then again, this is kind of an Early Bird Boss sort of deal where the difficulty is because you don't have all of the techniques that you have later on.
The main problem I had was entirely luck-based. They expect you to put Durant on one of the bridges, from which he can tear Eudy's unit apart with little trouble.

The problem, of course, is that they programmed Eudy to move randomly, so there's a pretty good chance that she'll move to a position where you can't attack her from a bridge, as she did here. As a result, I had to face the full force of her Staff of Murdering Everyone Who Doesn't Have a Significant Battle Penalty on Their Side +5.
Mechanics Update 2: Unions and Items
Aww, Be a man and do it! If I can finish the GBA version, you can finish the PSP one on Hard mode :P
Battlefield 7: Water Capital Elise, or: The Undine Arc Ends
Not much — if you ask me.......
Battlefield 8: Black Rose Domain, or: The World's Least Villainous Necromancer
Roswell's sprite is a shining example of why this game shouldn't have just used palette swaps for named members of non-unique classes, I should note.

It kind of doesn't. It does on GBA, but the PSP version (which you said you were playing, remember?) has different sprites for everyone.

Also I have that last one as being called Imperial Army Admiral Sortie. Huh.
They did redraw the sprites, yes, but the game still has Roswell wearing the ridiculous skull-hat. Likewise, Nietzsche still suddenly gains a ponytail in combat, Eudy has they pointy witch hat in battle, and so forth.

I do, however, applaud Sting for taking the time to fix Yggdra's dress. That was pretty stupid in the GBA version.
Battlefield 10, Verlaine Hills, or: Bandits and MAD
Destroy Rosary. I'm watching MageKnight404's LP of this game on Youtube, and he destroyed Roswell (or rather, Roswell played "YOU GET TO DIE").

The other playthrough (no commentary) also had Rosary joining Yggdra's army, so I think it would be nice to see a Roswell playthrough.
How many times have you played this game before, Doom? If you've only had personal experience with one of these characters, I'd recommend that you try the other one out for a change of pace. However, if you've had the chance to play as both of these magic wielders before, I shall cast my vote towards utter annihilation of the White Rose Army and getting Roswell's help.

Also, I always thought that Milanor was being a hypocrite in this scene. If you can't achieve anything less than a 50% rate of fatality, you're not exactly avoiding a bloodbath. But I'm not a homeless thief that has to raid innocents to survive, so what would I know?
I have, in fact, only completed it the one time. I killed Roswell then, though (mainly for revenge after he killed my interest in the GBA version years back), so your vote works out to the same thing either way.
Battlefield 11A: Black Rose Domain, or: Evil McEvilton was evil? I am shocked!
'Never using an Ankh for war again', huh? Sounds nice, but it's hard to imagine what else giant morale-sappers could be used for. World's largest nightlight, perhaps?

Also, I fear that you have to make a choice in the upcoming battles. Namely, whether you prefer collecting items or having a balanced army. It's quite easy for Milanor to become the MVP in every battle, due to starting out strong in the first place and usually giving a major Morale blow to bosses while Stealing from them. Perhaps if the characters I liked the most were the same as the ones I had to use the most to obtain everything I wanted, I would've beaten the game by now...

Anyways, best of luck, I'm rooting for you, and other generic encouragements.
Battlefield 12: Brigand Stronghold, or: Just Another Filler Level
Man, your commentary is genius. I play the game and things like this go right over my head... some genre savvy guy I am =(
Battlefield 13: Lenessey Mountains, or: WALKING WALKING WALKING
Does the sealed purse actually do anything?

It certainly doesn't look like it.
Are you going to continue this?I found it very interesting!
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