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hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game
Chapter 12: This Ain't So Bad
Having another character from Eliwood's side seems to make it much easier to get the Secret Book and still have a decent time.
Chapter 15: Things Really Didn't Go Anywhere
PROTIP: If you can, write it while you play so everything stays fresh.

Of course, Im not sure if you're emulating or not, if not, that may be harder to do since you won't always be by the computer.
Chapter 27: Bluh Bluh That Was Awful
Green units don't penalize you, since they are beyond your control.
Yeah; it's actually a possible strategy to let them stay neutral so they can kill stuff for you.

I haven't so far because Erk and Fiora would've just gotten slaughtered, but if I get Karel (major if 'cause I'll have Jerme's map) he might be able to do some good damage.
And, now that I've finished Kinship's Bond, I can also say that Neutral!Rath and his unit are pretty useful.
Chapter 28: Lady Luck is a Harsh Mistress
Who are you going to use the boots on?
Let's see: Vaida, Heath and Priscilla get 8 move. Eliwood gets 7. Legault and Hector get 6.

Probably one of the last two, mostly likely Legault because he lacks a distance attack and so he can keep up with Heath.
Chapter 28X: If I'm Not Being Timed, I'm Going To Abuse That
What happened to your finger?

Lol at title. Thanks for that; I wasn't sure if I should try to get supports, but now you did it first, so there's precedent!
Holy crap that is actually a really good idea. I' m totally going to make use of that too.

It was an accident that involved a knife I wasn't using and four new sutures that are in my left ring finger.

God it hurts like crap.
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