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Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas
Fixing a problem of sorts
Really depends what you want as skills. But you can't go wrong with 9 or 10 int for maximum skill points (If 9, you can raise it to 10 by rushing for the clinic and getting an implant).
Yeah, but I'm looking more to be told what kind of character to play. Otherwise, I'll probably end up playing a generic small guns character.
Fine! Melee + Stealth and your pick of science or lockpick. I want to see you harpoon people with throwing spears! Traits: Kamikaze and wild Wasteland

Special hrrm...

Str 5 Per 5 End 5 Charisma 5 Int: 9 Agility: 6 Luck: 5

Ghilz (edited by: Ghilz)
Charisma is best used as a Dump Stat since speech covers its uses.
SpellBlade (edited by: SpellBlade)
Okay. I might make some modifications to the SPECIAL (likely dropping CHA or AGL to up STR), but other than that, it should be good. The first part of the LP will go up later tonight. I will, however, be starting post-facial reconstruction, as I'm liable to spend a while dicking around with that, and that's not something anyone wants to watch.
The videos are uploading now. For whatever reason, my software cuts it at about four and a half minutes, so this update is actually six videos, which will all be uploaded by the end of the night, and the LP will commence.
The Beginning
BTW, you can embed your youtube video. Copy the code of the URL after the V= part. then put it in this:

[[youtube:code you have copied]]. So for example, for your last video, this would be: [[youtube:4Fc2W6lf_lY]]

That way your videos will be embedded on your LP.
Ghilz (edited by: Ghilz)
Thanks for the tip. Like I said, I'm very new at this.
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