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Let's spork a crossover fic - Operation: P.O.W.E.R.P.U.F.F.!
Chapter Two: Where We Actually Start Crossing Over
You seem to have an odd lack of Willing Suspension of Disbelief in regards to both universes here. Your criticism is valid and somewhat funny, but you seem to lapse into things that don't seem immediately relevant just to this fic on occasion. You might want to try focusing on a wider variety of problems with the writing than you have already, as a suggestion.

As I noted in the intro, I can't really let my disbelief go in regards to KND to begin with (it requires a fairly high amount). And in later chapters, this story will proceed to make my complaints on those grounds even more relevent.

But you're right, I am letting my focus waver. I'll see if I can't narrow my attention a little.
Chapter Three: Mojo Jojo Goes On For Hours
Wait wait wait, this guy does Yu Gi Oh fanfics? As in stories that need to make card games interesting and dramatic in order to be good? Which is a hundred billion times tougher to do than normal fight scenes?

Oh, this doesn't bode well.
Chapter Four: Are We STILL Setting Up?!?
Something tells me 209 will be a Mary Sue.
You tease me with mentions of these infamous Yu Gi Oh fics. Having had previous experience with horrible, horrible fanfiction in that category, I'm morbidly curious.

Why would you EVER need an OC (as a main character, I mean) in a crossover fic anyway? The main issue with crossovers is that it's usually too hard to include everybody!
I began with this story because the first three of Brian's YGO fics are a trilogy, and I didn't want to be committed to a series without seeing what the reaction to my sporking style would be.

I assure you, after gaining positive response, I will tackle those fics in future liveblogs.
Did this canonically happen or is Brian just desperate to make Numbah Four sound overpowered?

Yeah, it happened. I belive it's either the one where he is taken to his fathers workplace for "Take your daughter to work day" (For the sake of making him the Butt Monkey) and finds a room where the villains meet or the one when he sneaks to an R-rated movie to find out that it was a meeting between villains.
Sometimes reading Brian Corvello fics is like the literary equivalent of watching The Room.

Wasn't The Adventures Of Archie Reynolds considered the literary equivalent of watching The Room?
Chapter Nine - It Gets Really Bad
This is gonna sound really weird, but having read ten pages of your spork in the past few days, I really appreciate this. It makes me aware of writing mistakes I could easily make myself while at the same time giving me more confidence in my own writing ability.

I read "Operation: POWERPUFF" a while back. I *did* realize it was flawed at the time (the "explicitly spell out a pop culture reference" thing every chapter grated on me in particular), but I was mostly psyched that A: this wasn't a romance fic and B: Lizzie wasn't turned into some sort of rabid monster. So I did go on to read "Operation: POWERPUFF-TWO," which I hope you've sporked as well, because I honestly would have trouble rereading both of these without someone snarking in the background.

Do you get P Ms when someone replies to a liveblog? I have no idea, I've never used this feature before. So, anyways, here I am, replying to an old blog post. But I guess it's not like some forums, where you get the banhammer for necroposting or whatever kids call it these days.
With Lotus' appearance, it almost turned into a KND fanfic with the Power Puff Girls cameoing. This feels like that scene in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Vs. Dai-Shocker where Double appeared and handed Shadow Moon's ass on a silver platter, taking up a good chunk of the film, and then leaving.

I wonder if Lotus' last name is Uchiha...
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