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Liveblog: Pokemon Yellow minus pokeballs
Are you allowed to get Pokémon from the casino?

I'd say give Bulbasaur the Cut HM since his poison-type is going to wreck a good amount of his combat potential. As for the fossils...Omanyte. If you can't attack first in this game you need to be able to take hits.

I do believe this will prove entertaining. Though I wonder why you decided on Yellow instead of Red/Blue? If it were Red/Blue your team would pretty much be set in stone from the start, though I suppose that's why it's Yellow instead.
As I mentioned, Yellow has one of the best selections of Gift Pokemon of any generation. Casino Pokemon will be legal. The most likely selections from that will be Abra and Vulpix.

Bulbasaur's primary purpose will end up being defense against Electric types. Although Blue Purple's Jolteon will have Pin Missile...
Chapter 1: Unlocking the Future

Chapter 2: Tentative steps
Just letting you know you have another reader for this LP. Looking forward to it. Self-imposed challenges make the best L Ps, and I personally haven't heard of this one. Good luck!
Chapter 3: Sighting the Summit
I love how the writing ties into the challenge at hand. This is a great LP so far, keep it up!
Chapter 4: Rock Solid Obstacles
Oh man... I was waiting for you to get that Magikarp. Kudos on the characterizations!
That fight for the Boulder Badge was just EPIC. Probably the toughest fight in the game given your self-imposed challenge.
Chapter 6: Blue Skies
Wow, you get a free Bulbasaur in Yellow ? And this early ? The Cascade Badge's gonna be a piece of cake...
Chapter 8: Early Late Bloomers
May, I had forgotten about that Charmander. Yellow was pretty cool, pity it never got remade.
A free Charmander too ? Wow...
Lost chapter
Ouch, I feel you pain about mechanical errors — if that's includes virus and blue screen of deaths.
Special episode: Party Select
Well... this is disappointing. I seem to have lost my audience by going too far from the source material.

Well, if anyone has anything at all to say, I'm always open to suggestion or critique.
I'm still reading this. It's really good.
Chapter 28: Another Story, part 1 not remember anything about Mew giving birth...oh wait, I didn't read those things in the first place, haha!
Chapter 29: Another Story, Part 2
Chapter 30: Riddles in the Flames
Nice fannon on why Blaine's gym door was locked.
Chapter 33
Moltres would have made the Elite 4 a lot easier. Restrictions like that suck.
Chapter 39: Finale
Excellent! I really enjoyed reading that. Some nice subplots, though not all of them were resolved. Just curious— why'd you skip the final rival battle outside Victory Road?
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