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Grudge Match: Chainsaw Versus The Creative Assembly. (Complete)
So They Think They Have Me Beat Do They?
Saito Defeated! Rebels Defeated! Asai Defeated!... Wait.
you should not attack the Tokugawa they are strong try to make peace with them

The Hattori like Ninja so be careful
Crud. One thing I have no defence against whatsoever.
Darkest Hour
Remember The Tokugawa were the ones who united Japan during this war so of course they are unnaturally strong

Pyrrhic Victory
Daaaaayum, this game sounds awesome. Still gotta sort out who is what, but I'm definitely getting this as soon as I can.

As for the liveblog... hard luck, I guess. Unless you manage to pull off a comeback...
I Throw In The Towel
Whoa. *slow clap* They weren't messing around when they said it'd be tough, eh?
No, they were not. :(
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