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Cheap Roman cosplays! Or rather.. Let's Play Fallout New Vegas as a Caesar's Legionnaire!
A couple (not literally) of words before we start

Will be watching this.
That was one big Wallof Text!


Out of the blue.. mustaches!
Bob may be stupid, but is he crazy?

Yeah, he probably is, actually.
So far, so good.
Bob punches things
Can the gloves be fixed?

Also, Bob/Vic is my OTP.
Assuming Bob can find another pair of gloves or someone willing to fix them and resist the urge to randomly kill them after they say the price, then yes, they can be fixed.
To punch or not to punch? That is the problem. Of course not punching means..
Pretty funny LP so far, I wonder who Bob will pick for the Sheriff at Primm. Also I love how Bob just fails all the dialogue checks, I guess Confirmed Bachelor should give him some leeway there- even if it's completely unintentional.
Just wanting to say that, while the update was originally delayed, right now I'm simply holding off playing until the new patch and the new version of the New Vegas script extender come out. As far as I know, the patch should come out on Steam on Monday and the last time, the guys for the script extender were pretty quick, so I'll probably be able to put up an update next week. Sorry for the delay (thought that a comment would be better than an entry just for this, hope I'm not wrong).
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