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9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, 1 Liveblog
Hour One: Junpei's On A Boat
oh Im interested

i will fallow this when do you think you will put up the next part
Tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight if I don't fall asleep.
Wow, that's super-detailed. This is going to take you ages to write if you continue to examine every single line like this.

(Not that I'm complaining. There are sequences in the game that do deserve this kind of precise skewering.)

Your comments about the suggestive narration are 50% funnier with the ending in mind.
Jhiday (edited by: Jhiday)
Ooh, no spoilers. Iíll be pistol-whipped if I get any spoilers for this game before I get to the end.

But as far as the LB taking a while to finish, I don't mind. I have a lot of free time on my hands, and writing this kind of thing is really enjoyable to me. Besides, with the way Junpei seems to constantly carry around the Idiot Ball (and the narrator, and whoever keeps giving me tutorials) in just this first stage of the game alone, I get the feeling I'll be taking shots at him for a long, long time.

Besides, providing all the narration and dialogue in addition to the screenshots helps give anyone reading a more in-depth feel for the game, I hope, provided they care to sit through it all on top of my own observations.
Swingyshark (edited by: Swingyshark)
Just like to say that "persons" is an incredibly redundant word. Whoever made that one up clearly never heard of the word "people".
People implies a group. Persons implies a plurality of individuals.
Hour Two: Repetitive Tutorials Inc.
good good I will fallow this for sure
Hint : if you press and hold B "right", you can skip through the text you've already seen, such as those —ing tutorials. This trick becomes absolutely crucial in the late stages of the game.

(It doesn't work on text that's new to you, so don't worry about missing anything.)
Jhiday (edited by: Jhiday)
I thought you just had to press right inorder to fastforward the text
come update get to the good part
There was actually another note on one of the beds with more triangles and such. So you were actually trying to solve the puzzle with only half of the clues, so of course it was impossible.
Hour Three: Cast Establishment, Part One
The only thing I can say right now is that this game does interesting things with Akane's status as the Obligatory Love Interest.

Actually, it does this will all the characters. They look like one-note stereotypes, but there's a lot more to each of them. And thanks gods, considering we're trapped with them.
You know, I used to be in the same Grade 1 class as this cute girl. She had a vivid imagination, and was one of the only other kids that could get past my social awkwardness. After finishing Elementary school, we went to the same high school, which was the only one in our area. And now that I've graduated, and we'll never see each other again, I can safely admit that I deeply despise the person she became over the years, especially since I miss the sweet innocence of childhood.

The moral of that depressing and slightly creepy story? Junpei is truly the idiot we all know and love if he thinks that not a single thing would change between him and Akane over six years, especially if they didn't remain in contact at all. Anyways, Swingyshark, you're doing a wonderful job so far, and I hope that the next update is just as entertaining.
Hour Four: Cast Establishment, Part Two
Because I want to be a good audience participant, I decided to pull out my copy of the game, which I'd never actually found the time to play before. Now, let me think...gentlemanorcus inspired me to eventually pick up the Tactics Ogre remake (which I now own), and I decided to pick up a used copy of Luminous Arc at my local store after Sapphire Blue started his blog. So that makes you the third Liveblogger that's inspired me to play an interesting, unique, and beautiful game. Congratulations!

Oh, and I really, REALLY hope the next update is coming soon. Like, within 24-hours soon. For the record, I would never dare spoil you with plot information...but let's just say that the first possible opportunity for your audience (i.e. us) to participate is coming along quite soon.
Hour Five: Writing Out A S-S-Stutter Takes F-F-F-Forever
Okay, whatever happened behind the door, it doesn't sound very pleasant. Let's bring Mountain-man in, at worst he can shield us from it. 7 + 2 it is.

(Also, none of the images seem to work.)
Bah, Photobucket! I tried to start putting the screenshots into sub-folders for each installation (starting from this one; the others should be fine still), but for some reason that just didn't work. I don't know why.

It should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!
Glad to hear that my enthusiasm for what's turning out to be a very enjoyable game is helping your muse. And your reactions to that scene...perfect. From 'WHAT THE HELL GAME' on, I couldn't stop giggling...until, well, the point where the 9th Man got Rewarded As A Traitor Deserves. Anyways, 'twas a marvelous entry if I do say so myself.

As for our choice, I'm going to pick 1 + 8, since Ace managed to get within three steps of Mr. Crazy and survive, and I think Lotus would be more prepared to react to danger than a blindless man. 'Course, if you have to choose between me and Jhiday when it comes time for Update #5, I'd be okay with stepping aside.
...Make that sightless man, and part six. I guess I was a little too eager to get that comment out there to bother proofreading, and I apologize.
You'll never get off this boat with such shallow thinking as "who can I hide behind?" You need to be thinking "who do I need to keep an eye on?" and "who do I trust to operate out of my sight?"

Clearly the most suspicious people right now are Clover and Snake, because they are conspiring against you (just as Junpei and June are conspiring against everyone else). Alas, the game does not allow you to re-traumatize Clover, so Snake must be our sacrifice. 2 + 7
Hour Six: Zero Sez
say somthing stupid

but yeah I like Snake too the guy is cool
You were sick for a week too? What a coincidence; so was I! ...Though I went ahead and finished the game since your last update. It's a shame that I can no longer compare our first reactions with complete clarity, but there are several other aspects of this Liveblog that'll persuade me to keep on reading. Oh, and coincidentally, I beat the game on the last day of March, which can be written as 03/31/11. And 0+3+3+1+1+1=9...well, I thought it was kinda neat, at least.

As for the next, may as well vote for stupidity as well. Either one will do; just make sure to stay semi-healthy for our sake!
Ironicly I was sick today as well
I'll have to be the dissenting vote. Junpei gets portrayed stupid enough already, throw him a bone.

And to be fair to him, the narrator was the one describing it to us in detail. Junpei just saw it in his head, presumably because it's hard to forget something like that.
I think you should give Junpei the right answer. I've seen what's up ahead and he's going to need all the help he can get to survive.
I say give Junpei the correct answer, unless you want to die, which could be a possibility.
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