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Darren Motherfrakking Azaki presents: Fanfic Theater 40000

Chapter I of MY IMMORTAL
I just remembered, Ebony's taste in music is what I consider a telltale sign that this is a troll fic. Good Charlotte is (pop) punk, not goth. They're entirely different subcultures as I understand them.
Sorry about the DN Dt R on my part. Also, that was Chap I-II, but I deleted II and put new riffs in, put it in a seperate installment.
Also, Good Charlotte fucking sucks.
"Foundation" is the makeup that goes on the entire face as a background; all the rest of the stuff gets layered over it. White foundation is traditionally used by clowns and mimes, so the look described is less goth and more Bozo.
Dude, she wishes that she were related to Gerard Way "because he's a major fucking hottie". What a slut.
Chapter II of My Immortal: More like My Immoral.
It gets worse. Trust me. Also look at [the drinking game.
Thx for the linkage. *over-the-intertubes high-five*
Wow, and I thought some of my chapters were dull. Bleeeh

"Fangs 2"... did you c what she did there lol
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