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Let's Watch: Dingo Pictures' "Dinosaur Adventure"
Part 0: Exposition Time Go!
Thanks for reposting this! :D
Part 1: And Unto Them a Child Was Born (Unfortunately for All)
"It’s this red… thing. It stands upright and has these long claws/fingernails (Freddy Krueger would be jealous!). It’s got no visible snout or nostrils; instead, it has what looks like a… fin coming down between its eyes. And its eyes— oh, its eyes. It has eyes like a Harlequin baby. It looks like there’s some sort of crusty film over them. That is one sinfully ugly dinosaur."

I've always thought it was an alien. A stupid alien that was unfortunate enough to crash land on our planet when retarded-looking deenos were running around.
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