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When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode
Part One: Into The Dragon's Pit
I love and hate these things at the same time. Hate them because they're abominations, and love them because I actually do something similar, only with O Cs and legit interaction between characters. Imagine my surprise when I happened upon these things. At least they don't try to have a continuity like the Spongebob ones...
Oh trust me, All the Pooh's Adventures have some sort of continuity.
Just so you know, the "monster thing" is Ttark from Kratt's Creatures (GET IT?), and the penguin is Tennessee Tuxedo from the Underdog Show.
I have known, though only after this.
Part Two: Flying With These Wings
Yeah you got my comment stories again. Here I'm using my skills of "What would the character use in this situation?"
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