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Jumping through the puddle of 214 episodes, it's Let's Watch Stargate!
Children of the Gods Part 1
Ah, Major Kowalski. One of the most consistently doomed characters in TV history.

I wonder if I should actually read the early episode summaries, not having seen many of the early episodes.
Episodes 1-3 have actual story relevance. After that, for some time, it's in an episodic schedule of SG-1 inspecting some new planets with varying importance to the story.

Also, I actually checked it, you really write it Kawalsky, which bugs the crap out of me :P
That bugs me, as well.
Hey there! I actually did this sort of thing maybe a year or half a year ago (without making a liveblog, though) when I saw all the episodes were (used to be until recently...) on Hulu and I'd heard good things about it. Definitely got hooked. I'll look forward to hearing a new perspective on the show while knowing what I do about it now!
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