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YouTube Audio Transcriptions: The alternate interpretation of YouTube videos
Mustn't forget that the audio transcribe tends to politicize things, turning innocuous sentences into what are almost political statements (or at least constantly referring to political figures).
Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head (Part 1)
Oh my God. I am in stitches. This is so funny. Keep it up.
Funny update. Aria Garda could be a character name in Ace Attorney.
Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head (Part 2)
This is great. Keep it up!
I lol'ed. Hard. NEED MOAR.
Youtube poop: Jaws Encounters Chuck's Time Portal
This is a hilarious idea, I love it so far.

Also, there's a band called Bloc Party. Maybe one of their members is endorsing restaurants now and that's what would make things easier?
Could be. I have to say I've never heard of that band before, although I'm hardly up to speed on most musical groups.
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