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Can't Fight The Moonlight Legend
I Wanna Be A Star!
Amy quits being a Sailor Scout, becomes president of the United States, and then marries the ghost of Malachite.

Needs to happen.

Call My Name (I'll Be There)
Huh, I wonder if this is the same imprint that did a Trigun RPG in the store a couple years back?

Man, I kinda miss Guardians Of Order.

Ah well, Yvan Eht Nioj!
Oh Starry Night
I wonder how a Sir John Carter Of Mars would work out?
It's A New Day
Seems nifty. Somehow I'm picturing Archimedes Mirror Death Ray being involved; Maybe if you had a Barrier Maiden Barrier Warrior teammate.
It feels slighty odd to type this out, but this system seems quite fascinating, and (despite my habit of being offline for a week and then never catching up) I don't think I'd mind that much if offered to participate. And I've never even watched the show before!

Anyways, best of luck with the other half of the book.
Carry On
The backstory is making me wonder, what kind of a Combat Value bonus do you get from a Phased Plasma Rifle in the forty watt range?
Rainy Day Man
Do you need players?
Hm... Not really, I am gonna go through this solo.
Cool. Look forward to seeing it.
I once came up with an idea for using the Justice League (first year of the cartoon) as the heroes in a world where Luna didn't find Usagi and thus there's no Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars or Jupiter. (There is a Sailor V, though.) The talking cat has to coach the JL through fighting the Dark Kingdom and such. (The character who has the hardest time is Superman due to the whole "magic works on Superman" thing.)
The Child Of Mercury! The Water's Poisened!
I love Jadeite, but yeah, Big Bad material he's not.
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