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Let's Play ''Rise of the Dragon''!
Welcome to L.A., 2053
Ahh, Unwinnable situations. The bane of gamers.

This should be very good, especially after your already excellent Willy Beamish LP.
[grin] Thank you! The trick this time is going to be remembering where I can screw up and actually doing so. I debated actually screwing up with the flowers, but I figured I could just mention it instead of going through all that again. Plus I don't have the ability to upload longer videos yet, and was running low on time. [sad]
Beyond Pleasure Dome
Wow, ol' William Hunter's Medium Awareness really comes through, there. "You'd better just reload a saved game." If only more point 'n click adventure game protagonists had such abilities.
It's a sometime thing in Sierra games... IIRC, this is the only time Blade does it.
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