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Yu-Gi-oh! Manga Synoptic Theater
Duel One: The Puzzle of the Gods
Hah, I remember reading the manga when I was about twelve and being shocked, as I'd only been exposed to the dub before then... Loving the first recap, will read the rest.
Duel Two: Lying Eyes
The ending was funny.
Duel Three: Hard Beat!
...You know, I actually read early Yu-Gi-Oh, and I don't remember any of this. Well, okay, it was like eight years ago, so maybe the fake clairvoyant and the hotplate air hockey chapters are coming up soon.
They are indeed! Along with many others.
Duel Four: Jailbreak
Loved that one just for how understated it was, Myth Busters-inducing FWOOOSH aside. It'd work pretty well even outside of context: offer the guy a light, then place the lighter where it'll do him some ungodly harm if he so much as twitches. :3
And one of only two times in the pre-Duelist Kingdom manga where Other Yugi loses a game. On purpose.
Duel Five: The False Prophet
HA HA HA OH WOW. I remembered the very basic outline of this plot, but come on, Yugi. You're really going to leave this to Rock Paper Scissors?

I don't quite recall why Yugi started playing Duel Monsters exclusively, but I imagine he lost at a completely random game of chance like, you know, Rock Paper Scissors one time too many.
Rock Paper Scissors is not completely random; there is psychological skill involved. (There's a bit of explanation of this in the Hunter X Hunter Greed Island arc.)
It didn't really matter who went first. It's a game of skill, and The Other Yugi had it.

Ever notice how a lot of antagonists fall victim to Pride?

As for the switchover, blame the fans. Kaiba and Duel Monsters started out as a one-off, then came back for a rematch, and then Duelist Kingdom cemented them as the star of the show, apart from a short interlude with Dungeondice Monsters. FWIW, the game immediately preceding Duelist Kingdom was Bakura's first appearance, and his Millennium Ring turned him into a literal Killer Game Master.
Duel Six: Into the Fire
Okay, this is the other chapter I distinctly remember. I have to say, I'm really enjoying your summary/spoof take on this series so far. Oh, and it's all coming back to me how Honda/Tristan wasn't a complete nobody back then. In fact, he was actually kind of badass. The Hell happened to that?
The total takeover of Duel Monsters (tm). Since all situations were now required to be resolved by playing a children's card game, that Honda didn't to be him.

Annoying though that Anzu, who started as a better card player than Jonouchi, never got to develop her skills.
Pffff. Ever thought about becoming a comedian? This reads like the abridged series of the early manga.

Let's see, what comes next? Is it the 'Joey/Jonouchi was in a gang' chapter?
Nope. Honda's love life.
Duel Seven: The Face of Truth

What second volume? XP

More seriously, keep it up. This is great stuff.
Duel Eight: The Poison Man
Damn, your wit is razor sharp. "Dying now" is ridiculously hilarious.
Duel Fifteen: The Other Criminal
Favorite Egyptian artifact... real or fictional? Whatever, it's still N'Kantu, the Living Mummy.

This right here is about the point where I gave up on the series. As much as I liked the anime, the story just started to bore me starting around here.
I'm hoping the jokes will carry you through to the next exciting bit.
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