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Thor in the Norse: Let's Play Castle Of The Winds
Audience Question
Get Cure Light Wounds! Erasing injuries is generally better than reducing damage!
Hmm, I've been on a Rogue Like kick lately, and I think I'll start following this.
Another vote
As tempting as the Caribou may be, I'd vote for last save; if you have to restart every time you get killed, this is going to get frustrating fast.

I almost want to say play it that way on expert, but I think you'd run out patience and ways to explain Death Is Cheap.
Nifty. Wonder if dying all the time pisses off the Norms?
That's Norns. Admittedly I'm kind of making a mashup of various mythologies, but a quick perusal seemed to suggest that the Norns were responsible for maintaining destinies, and were similar to the Fates in application. Though I don't believe they weave destinies.
Alright! A reasonable explanation for save games! That's what I like.
Take 2
Cold Bolt. Sounds useful.

And...maybe levitate? I guess I don't know how dangerous traps are.

Light might come in handy.
Oooh, yeah, disregard Levitation, really not worth it.

Except at the lowest of levels, traps are never anything more than a minor annoyance. Levitation doesn't last all that long as a spell, so I'd probably end up walking around without it anyways simply because I forgot to recast it. Mana is a bit more precious in the dungeons.

And, finally, there's a good chance that before the end of the first chapter, we'll find magic boots of levitation.
You do recover mana with time, it just takes an hour for 1 point! (So sleeping just puts you to sleep for long enough to recover).

If you really want, the weapon and enchantment stats are available in the help sections. Not that you really need them (generally "better" means "more expensive").

Go for Light / Cold Bolt / Neutralise Poison.
Indeed, after a bit more playing, I do see that mana does recover slowly over time. My mistake, there.
This message will self-destruct.
Heh, Viking franchises...I wonder if there's a Wheel Of Pain franchise?
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