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Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux
Log 5: Nothing's Ever Simple
Alrighty, the LP has been moved, and we're ready to resume the civil war across Aruloco... or however it's spelled.
Oh! Good! A comment section!

Well, nevermind. Maybe this system isn't so bad. I would rather it be on the forums, though...
I actually would also prefer it to be on the forums, but... I guess it's cleaner this way.
I agree with Deltasquid.
Log 6: Pushing On
No massive Drassen Counterattack, right? Pity.
Ahh, the Drassen Counterattack is quite a challenge.

Still, odd choice of tactics to take along only two members and a handful of militia, I must say. Not necessarily a bad choice, but not one I'm used to. I've played JA 1 and DG, and Vanilla 2, so the idea of working with militia on the offensive seems a little odd to me.
And we prove yet again that we're total badasses.
Okay, I've gotten the latest 1.13, and after a few hiccups, I'm about to start. I expect productivity in my liveblog to drop like a mortar shell.
The massive counterattack would take me forever to beat back. I always shut it off when I play 1.13. Sorry. :P

@TL: For the most part, the militia can handle themselves. In fact, they could take an entire sector by themselves. I don't need to bring everyone to the fight.
Nimitz (edited by: Nimitz)
I totally sympathize. I have it enabled, and I figure I've got a day or two before it hits; I expect to get my ass kicked.
The one trick I did is to completely fall back. It seems the counterattack is only interested in the mine, (At least, it didn't rampage all through Drassen in my playthrough) so let them have it, then engage in night geurilla warfare. Pop into the mine sector, kill a few soldiers, and fall back to the previous sector. Repeat... A LOT!
Mine seemed to bug out, I ended up fighting a platoon, andthe company of reinforcements just disappeared.
I did the Drassen counterattack.

After about twenty real minutes of constant shooting, my mercs ran out of ammo.

I had to kill a guy by throwing a helmet into his face. I kid you not.
Made a thread in the Videogames forum.

Also, I can't seem to alt-lmb sell anything; anyone else have this problem?
Sorry for the delay, folks. I got a new PC for Christmas, and I'm currently transferring my files from my old one to this one. The new update will come, I assure you.
I'm still waiting. :p
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