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Let's play Luminous Arc!
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Chapter 10: Wind
You know, this Liveblog isn't half-bad. I like how you're being descriptive about how your characters are developing, without going overboard and narrating every last action in battle. I hope that you have the best of luck in your future battles, and that your DS stops glitching out and picking the wrong options.

By the way, is there a limit as to how many Intermissions you can have with somebody? If so, I'd like it if you showed off all of Cecille's scenes first instead of trying to divide your time evenly amongst all of your party. No particular reason why, save that I think she's an Unlucky Childhood Friend to Alph that deserves a bit more attention than she's bound to get now that Lucia's back in the picture.
Thanks for the comments. Glad you like it. I know it's not as good as some others that people have done, but it is my first time trying a liveblog.

I think that you can intermission 20 times, but I'm not sure. I'm trying to give Cecille the most attention, since she gets a class upgrade later in the game and her intermissions reset after that. (Saying any more about the class upgrade would involve major spoilers, though, so I'll shut up about that.)

About the picking the wrong options, I think it's the game itself. The touch controls are pretty lousy (sometimes it's hard to select the right enemy in battle), and they were like that the first time I played.

Anyway, I apologize for not doing much with this liveblog. I've been hooked on one game after another. I've got lots of free time this month, though, so I'll probably get back to it. :)
Sapphire's sidequest disaster
So, you only get...(goes back through previous entries)...ten scenes with a person? And if you don't pick the best option every single time, you'll never get a maximum relationship value? AND you can't be too sure if the option you picked is the best or not, because you don't always recieve a present for it? ...Note to self: Abuse Game FA Qs like there's no tomorrow if I find the time to play this game myself.

Don't worry too much about boredom; if nothing else, I certainly appreciate the extra Intermission scenes you were able to witness. Three cheers for character development! Plus, if presented well, one's failure can be seen by others as a comedic interlude. Anyways, best of luck with the Witches!
Look, I'm not certain of how many scenes you get. It might have to do with the fact that I already have saved data. Or maybe you're right. I'm not certain. It's kind of confusing.

Anyway, glad you like the liveblog. I'll try and put up more either today or tomorrow.
It is in fact only 10 scenes per character, with the last scene always rewarding you with a Vitea. Blue heart means you've maxed them out. Of the three option, one is good, one neutral, and one bad. I think you need at least 9 outa 10 good options to max the relationship values. You'll know you got the good option because they always give you an gift.

So yeah, a real Guide Dang It. Alternatively, you could try Save Scumming. Just battle save right before the killing blow on the last enemy and keep trying till you get the right option!

and you think your slacking with your blogging! I haven't touched mine since they moved the blogs over here from the forums!
I tried that fight with Level 23 Alph, Redline, Life Ring, no luck. High guard, high speed, no luck. I'm thinking you need to be at least 25 each, because even with more Speed, Alph still moved second, after the Cockatrice in the Upper Right. It's a real sudden difficulty jump. :(
Chapter 13: Witch and Rym
You know what? I actually did it. This Liveblog actually inspired me to pick up a copy of the game and start playing it. And while I'm certainly not an exceptional player (my early-game Leon's as weak as your early-game Theo), it's an interesting experience that I'm certainly enjoying. Kudos to you for this Liveblog, and keep up the lucky streak.

...Oh, and since I don't have to worry about the implications of a previous game, I can definitely confirm that the correct answer doesn't always give you a present. But there seems to be a connection with the symbol that appears on the status screen; Theo had an empty heart appear under his profile picture after my first Intermission, and the next time I got a present from him, the thing suddenly filled up halfway.
Seriously? I got you to buy it? Wow. Wasn't expecting that.

Well, if you end up liking it, definitely get Luminous Arc 2. It's way better. Not that this one is bad or anything, but the second one is hands-down the better game. Hope you enjoy this one, though. :)
Chapter 14: Taboo
I'm definitely enjoying the game so far. Actually, I've taken such an interest in it that I'm as far as you are...well, with a few differences here and there. For example, I've found that Pollon-Pollon makes an excellent meat shield in narrow passages, as he can self-heal long before Cecille and Mel can get a turn in. Also, most of my battles star only Alph, Saki, and Leon, as the others can just buff/heal each other for XP even when buffed/at max HP. Takes a while, but I think it's worth it for a Cecille with Revive at this point.

By the way, I somehow beat that one sidequest with Cecille and the Twilight Herbs. And by 'somehow', I mean 'equipped two belts from the mining place to get 50 extra HP, abused healing items, stowed away in a corner so at least one foe couldn't get to me, and got lucky with Alph's paralyzing technique'. I doubt it'd still be available now that Theo has that pendant, but I wouldn't recommend it even if it's open; the 'reward' is just 3000 rico and Alph saying that he was worried about Cecille when they were kids.

All in all, I'm still glad to be following this Liveblog, and I wish you the best of luck...Oh, one other thing. When I first decided to fuse stuff at the Workshop, I somehow got Alice to say something about "a sword that sings a sad song". As I had a spare Sabre, and Sad & Song Vitae, I decided to use her to put them all together...and if you haven't already, I think you'd get a nice surprise if you did the same thing.
Glad you like it! :) I'm still surprised that this liveblog convinced someone to buy the game, though. This game's not one of my favorites, but it's certainly enjoyable. Plus, it was one of the games I had that was both readily available and not terribly long. I mean, I've kinda wanted to do a Let's Play of Legend Of Dragoon for a while, since it's the kind of game that's easy to poke fun at despite being good. But I think that one would work better as a series of videos. And it's four PS 1 disks.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might want to do some of that item fusing stuff. It'll probably help me out with this fight.
Yeah, there's a whole slew of special item + vitea combination that make unique gear. They'l give you hints as to what they are, but honestly, it'd be easier to just look them up.
Enter the Steel Witch
Ah yes, Iris. The anime cliche storm wouldn't be complete without a robot girl. I had actually forgotten about her till now.
Well, it looks like the only character on that Creative Uncut page that we haven't met yet is Kai. I'd say something about his choice of outfit, but considering that Leon's only got a jacket to protect his torso, I should probably keep my mouth shut about the defensive qualities of a...I want to say "kimono", but I have a feeling that I'm completely wrong. Oh, and I bet it's not going to be long until he shows up in the plot, too...

One other thing. After that Iris fight, I had an Intermission with hindsight, how did that work? She teleported away as soon as the coast was clear, after all. Curse you, video game logic!
Chapter 15: Parting Ways
So, it looks like Iris and Heath used to know each other...could this fact be connected to the reason Heath has a vendetta against the Witches? After all, it wouldn't be the first time the Church blamed those girls for something they didn't really do. And on a similar note, why does the game make special mention of Leon's family NOW, of all times? My genre savvy senses tell me that this is not a random occurence...

Also, save for Mel, who'd buy a lilypad in a weapon shop? Again, curse you, video game logic!
Chapter 16: Second Thoughts
Hey, here's a fun fact about Pollon I found out recently: train him until his level is in the mid-thirties, and he learns how to buff ally's magic. The guy might be a joke if you rely on him for fighting, but considering how powerful witches are BEFORE a boost is even applied to them...

Anyways, it looks like the action's really picking up, even if the list of party members currently available is doing the opposite. Best of luck with the next couple of battles!
...Out of curiosity, do you ever go back to previous areas and see if there are new things you can do with 'Action'? I was in Witch Village to check if I could imbue some stuff, and saw that I could talk to Sage Payan. I ended up with four Fal, two Verno, and one Folis Vitae...though I think having picked 'Ephemeral' at the beginning of the game influenced which ones I recieved.
Patience is a virtue
And thus, a glorious victory was achieved! An excellent display of perserverence, if I do say so myself. I usually don't have Claire, Mel, and Nikolai in the same battle due to how long it takes for them to get a turn in, but it looks like the combination paid off for you in the end. Still, it might be wise to utilize (and maybe Intermission with) speedy characters like Vivi for the upcoming challenges.

...Oh yeah, one other thing. A couple of entries back, I think I asked about how often you did Actions in places you've already visited. Well, I've been looking through a few guides recently (mainly about Vitae fusion & the Intermission), and methinks that you'll be interested in checking out Dotruvar and Ridget before you move past Chapter 18. I'd understand if you chose to ignore this advice (it's YOUR blog, after all, and I am but a humble observer), but it might help boost some of your allies' levels...
Hmmm. I never thought to do that. I think I"ll give that a try. :) Thanks for the info.
Chapter 18: Like, an angel?
I've beaten the game myself at this point, but I still have yet to understand how everything worked out in Cecille's favour.

How did she get to the Ever Garden from Mother Lapis? My guess is that she was left unconscious after the memory drain, and some Witch decided to teleport her away.

How old was she when this happened? She'd need to build up a great deal of trust with the Church, but pre-sixteen-ish (or however Witch age works) seems a tad young to plot out something like this.

And sure, her new choice of lances is clearly more useful than staves she can no longer wield...but how come any new stores from this point on carry lances but no staves, while the earlier ones still carry staves but no lances? ...Granted, this last one's mainly video game logic, but I do remember a mining town that could sell ya a scythe for Vanessa...

All puzzlement aside, it's good to see that you're still doing well on this. Thanks for taking my advice earlier; when other good leveling opportunities pop up, I'll be sure to let you know. Best of luck with the battles ahead, and have fun with Pokemon Black!
Chapter 19: Altar of Souls
what if i use alph,saki,kai,claire,mavi,vivi,cecille,and the?
Chapter 21: Holy Eclipse (part one)
If memory recalls, I think that the only characters with revival spells are Lucia, Mel, and Cecille, with Cecille's being a complete restore rather than a halfway job. But, since Cecille is probably the only one of the three that could take a few hits herself, you probably made a wise choice to bring just her into this next battle. Anyways, best of luck with what's about to come, and don't forget about the usefulness of Alph's skills!
Chapter 22: Round Table Council
Yay, you're back! Considering that I never would've played this game if it wasn't for this Liveblog, I worried that you'd just abandoned it when things started to look rough. But you're back, huzzah!

It's just a shame that a cash flow problem has presented itself...well, we're late enough into the game that I bet a few new sidequests have opened up (one of them probably Nikolai-centric, since it seems a little late to start learning about his backstory). I'd recommend visiting all the towns from the past, and maybe even that Holy Statue you fought the Steel Witch at, in case some new dialogue options pop up. Hey, worst case scenario, you can grind cash and EXP from easy random battles.
Chapter 24: The Portal
Congratulations on making it this far. I'd offer some kind of comforting advice, but since you're the reason I picked up this game, I think you'd already be confident enough about this. I'm glad that you've almost achieved your goal, and hope that neither major KO's nor badly-timed status effects will halt your forward charge. Best of luck, both with this and with that future blind blog, and know that I'm cheering you on all the way.
Thanks a lot - both for your encouragement, and for following the liveblog as far as you have. :) I appreciate it.
Chapter 25: Light
Oh, charm. I had a feeling that badly-timed status effects would earn your scorn as much as it did mine. Splitting up the teams was a good idea, though with such tight corridors leading to the middle area, it's easy to accidentally keep them side-by-side and make them vulnerable to area effects. Just keep everyone spaced out, and perhaps leave someone at the start so he/she can revive people while the Priel clones are busy on the sidelines, and I'm sure you can pull this off.
Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll see how I do.
An exercise in monotony
Er, oops. Disregard that last comment. As far as strategies go for Zehaal, you really want to use Leon+Houndclaw or a flashdrive. Rather, why aren't you using Leon all the time? If you haven't trained Leon enough, then Alph+FD items or Magnum are key.
Yeah, I kinda figured that out. As of my next entry, I've decided to pick out new characters instead of sticking with the fail group that I brought in.
Well, congradulations. I've enjoyed reading this blog and playing the game it motivated me to...well, play. Perhaps it's not perfect, but things in life rarely are, and this was much more than decent for a first attempt. I salute you, fellow troper, and hope that your future endeavors go smoothly.
Thanks. :)
i'm trying to win with the following team please help me Alph: Level 51 Cecille: Level 52 Nikolai: Level 46 Vivi: Level 51 Mel: Level 51 Lucia: Level 48 Mavi: Level 51 Vanessa: Level 52
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