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We Are Men of Valor
Since you posted in my liveblog thread earlier, I feel like I owe it to you to comment on your liveblog.

Anyway, I think this sounds interesting, so I plan on following it if I can.
Chapter 2: The Flaming 'Z'
Sorry for the late nature of this comment, but I think that if this were real life, Pablo would have a point. It seems to me that most people see masked, armed men as being pretty suspicious. Of course, if everyone was Genre Savvy I do not think that problems like that would sprout up.
Quite frankly, it's damn suspicious. Only the fact that half the local government officials are in a conspiracy to overthrow the federal government in any way justifies Zorro having a secretive fighting legion.
Chapter 4: The Bridge of Peril
Well, from how you described this serial, I think it sounds quite interesting and unrealistic. The whole "pretend to surrender and then knock the gun out of someone's hands" seems to be a pretty common gag from what I have seen. I realize that people are not really Genre Savvy here, but given Zorro's craftiness, I would assume that someone would have some plan for that kind of move.
Yep, these particular toughs seem to have come from the low-competence end of the job pool. (Contrast the ones in the mine, who actually managed to knock Zorro down an elevator shaft.)
Chapter 5: The Decoy
Sorry if I am just slow and not following this well enough, but was it explained how Zorro knows the three most likely places for the munitions to be moved?

Anyway, I have to agree that exploding the very munitions that you think are trying to transport does not make much sense, especially if you are being pursued by an armed group.
Nope, it's not explained, and Zorro's a relative stranger to the area. My guess is that Ramon went over the maps with him, and those were the "choke points" in the terrain surrounding where they lost track of the shipment.
Chapter 6: Zorro to the Rescue
Yeah, I have to think that it kind of defeats the purpose of a cliffhanger ending if parts of it are just plain wrong (i.e. in the next episode they did not actually happen). It kind of makes me think that Zorro actually dies in every episode, but the next episode starts out with an alternate universe version of the story where certain things did not happen so Zorro can live.

I mean I can kind of understand why one would do something like that, but I still think it is a bit silly.

Is it just me or was there quite a bit of tying people up and torture in this chapter?
That's an interesting Wild Mass Guessing theory.

There's a story by some moderately famous writer where he mentions going to the movies as a kid, one of these cheats happened in a serial, and he actually stood up in the theater and called bullshit.
Chapter 7: The Fugitive
Alright, I think that last cliffhanger was a bit of a stretch. I realize that seemingly every chapter needs to end with a cliffhanger, but I feel like suspense overused loses a bit of its value.

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