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Let's Play Mega Man 2-6 (and possibly 1)
Part Seventeen: Shadow Man
Part Nineteen: Hard Man
I thought you were going to have re-battle Hard Man again!
Double Post — Please ignore
MadWritter (edited by: MadWritter)
Hope he wasn't too hard for you.

Also, is it just me, or did Megaman 3 have the most unimaginative robot masters ever? I mean, shadow man's the only on so far who isn't directly related to what robots are supposed to be like.
I've been a loyal Megaman 3 fan from when it was released in the video game departments of old drug stores where you simply got the ticket, to when it was sold as a game years later for $5 to where it's now on MM anniversary collection, out of of every time i've played it, i can honestly say. Doc Robot stands to this day and the awesome music makes the game as memorable as it was back then. So unimaginative? Shadowman, who can make a real shadow human? gemini is certainly original, no half snack half man in real life, So unimaginative? Think about that
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