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Let's Watch One Piece: Episode Summary and Critique
Entry 4
what is the "triumphant victory music" that begins to play? i MUST KNOW ive been searching for aggeesss
Entry 54
Scene with Mr. 3 make me feel the tears behind my eyes just WAITING to come out
482: The Power that Burns Even Fire - Akainu's Fierce Assault
Actually, there was one other time when he was rash. It was his Cover Arc story in the manga, when he infiltrates the Marine G2 base to deliver a message (Just roll with it). He proves himself almost as bad as Luffy is at stealth during the G8 filler when he punches out a Marine for talking smack about Whitebeard and blows his cover. (He also over ate at the food table)
483: Searching for the Answer - Fire-Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield
It's funny. Around the same time as Ace died in the manga, we had Liam Harper's utterly pointless death in GayCry For Justice. It really highlights how to do a death and how not to do a death, even moreso when coupled with Whitebeard's death.
489: Enter Shanks! The Great War Comes to an End
I find it VERY lucky that the episodes with Blackbeard unleashing his new Quake Quake Powers for the first time was aired before the disaster. I cannot see that scene NOT getting censored in light of recent events.

Also, will you be recapping the Toriko crossover? I can help you with alot of the Toriko details and characters, although it only looks like Toriko, Komatsu and Terry will be involved. On the One Piece side, it seems the focus will be on Sanji, Chopper and Nami. The first two make sense, seeing as they fit nicely with the Toriko world (ESPECIALLY Sanji), but Nami is likely fanservice. They have only and two female characters in Toriko.
I do plan on covering the crossover. I'll probably read the first three or five chapters of Toriko beforehand to familiarize myself with the characters and setting.
Alright, but you might want to read from Chapter 22 to 28 to understand who Terry is. He's the White Wolf (Or Battle Wolf as his species is called) with Chopper in the promo image. Or I could just describe him through a PM.
490: Mighty Rivals! The New Era Begins!
I guess Marineford is best when you look at the sum of it's parts, rather than the progression. Also, I think Brownbeard we be appearing when they animated Hawking's confrontation with him.

And next, we will be getting one of my favorite parts of the series: The Luffy, Ace and Sabo flashback.
491: Landing of the Isle of Women - The Cruel Reality Tortures Luffy
You do have a point about Marguerite, as she was a genuinely sweet character to Luffy. While I don't think she's Straw Hat material (Even if she had her planned devil fruit), it would have been nice to see something done with her. But I guess with both Impel Down and Oda's sadistic mocking towards shippers with Hancock, it would have been awkward to fit in.

Oh well, it's two of my most anticipated things coming up next!
493: Luffy and Ace - The Tale of the Brothers' Meeting!
I guess we will find out what happened to Johnny and Yosaku during the current cover story. Hell, freaking Gimon got a mention!

I guess Garp's logic was: "They are bandits. They steal on LAND, and thus don't know how to use ships! Therefore, they can't teach you steal on the sea, which is piracy!"

He doesn't have a very good grasp of logic.
495: ''I Won't Run'' - Ace's Desperate Rescue Operation
I'm guessing that the fate of Luffy's mother might tie into Dragon's back story, but like you said, I think we will find out when we meet Dragon. Also, I loved Ace and Sabo playing Luffyball.
500: Stolen Freedom! The Nobles' Trap Draws Near the Three Brothers
I like to think that Luffy, Ace and Sabbo had a bit of glass cannon traits. They were fine with fighting them off, but the pirates held them down in such a way that they couldn't break free. Also, given that the Gun Troops showed up, I imagine that dissuaded them from fighting back further.

The nobles didn't really bother me that much. I guess I could say that their isolated society gave them that sheer apathy and disdain for the Trash Mountain people. Plus, after seeing those same archtypes in series I like such as Fire Emblem Tellius and Fullmetal Alchemist, they didn't seem any different. Fullmetal Alchemist gave me my absolute favourite reaction to a one dimensional high and mighty asshole ever, and what might be the most logical reaction to their behaviour:

"Commodore Fesler, an interesting statistic: Did you know that half of all officer deaths on the battlefield are the result of assassination by subordinates?" "Wha-*BANG*"

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