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Let's MST: Bad song lyrics and other stuff (but mostly bad songs)
Omaha Mall
Ahaha I work at the Omaha Mall. It's really not that great.
LOL Smiley Face
You know, whoever wrote this song probably thought the lyrics were really, really clever. They were wrong. The MST'ing, however, was great.
- Well I love this song. Preferences are different, yes, but it's not a bad song to me.
Muskrat Love
Oh dear lord suddenly this lousy song is so much more bearable now.
Break Up
Good job. BTW, you left out an apostrophe near the end.
Wow, those lyrics were very MST 3 K worthy. Well-played indeed!

Around the World
Those are the only lyrics? *facepalm* How did these guys get a music contract, anyway?
This is a Daft Punk song. They're techno. You can get away with weird lyrics in techno because it's about the beat, and a large number of Daft Punk "songs" don't even have lyrics ("Songs" in quotes because the definition of "song" requires lyrics; anything else is a "piece").

I think this one was done on a dare, as seen in the original thread.
Is it just me, or is it a trend for these 'music' stars to be furious at their ex-girlfriends, and then give a perfectly sensible reason for why the G Fs did what they did? "You should shove a cookie where the sun doesn't shine because you cheated on me, and BTW, I only went out with you in the first place for the nookie." Freddie boy, for the sake of your (highly fabricated) love life, you probably shouldn't have said that...
Civil War Hero

ShadowDog (edited by: ShadowDog)
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You've got to be kidding me...

Where the heck did you find this?
ShadowDog (edited by: ShadowDog)
Cooler Than Me
This stuff is pretty funny!

Just a suggestion (perhaps a bit late), but if you do more of these you should link to the song on You Tube in your posts.
I kinda like this song...
You and me both.
"'Shawty got low low low low low low low low

MIKE: Is that the chance that anyone’s going to remember this song? "

I wish I didn't remember this song. I loved the commentary, though!
Teach Me How to Dougie
I just can't get the mental image of Doug out of my head. And Thats Terrible.
I know you see the colors in the colors in my chain

Yo dawg, I heard you like colors...
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