Forum Heralds are tropers who have agreed to be the name on the welcome PM you get the first time you use a particular subforum. They wrote the PM, in fact. They are here to answer questions for you and show you the ropes.

Here are the Heralds and the subforums they support:

ArhaContent Violation Discussionsgreeting
Japanese TeethFan Fictiongreeting
ClassifiedzerogokiForum Gamesgreeting
SeptimusHeapFrequently Asked Questionsgreeting
WillbyrImage Pickin'greeting
Earl Of SandvichIt Just Awes Me!greeting
Quag15Live Action Filmgreeting
TParadoxLive Action TVgreeting
GilphonManga & Animegreeting
OriDoodleOld Folks' Homegreeting
BestOfOn-Topic Conversationsgreeting
daltarRole Playinggreeting
VmKidTech Wishlist & Bug Reportsgreeting
DiscarTrope Repair Shopgreeting
SeptimusHeapTrope Talkgreeting
KomodinVideo Gamesgreeting
ArhaVisual Novelsgreeting
Explosivo25Western Animationgreeting
TelcontarWiki Talkgreeting
BetsyandtheFiveAvengersWorld Buildinggreeting
chihuahua0Writer's Blockgreeting
ParableYack Festgreeting

Here are the subforums that do not yet have a Herald. Don't they look lonely and forlorn?

Live Performance
Mod Jabberings
New Media
Projects: Long Term/Perpetual
Projects: Short Term
Recommendations Home
Role Playing Discussions
Tabletop Games
Troper Covens
Visual Arts
Wild Mass Guessing