Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

ĎSup, [[Troper]]!

You have made your first post in the It Just Awes Me! subforum, so welcome aboard! All that needs to be known about here is that this is the place to post about anything that catches your eye for at least a moment and you feel that itís absolutely worth sharing with other tropers. It can be for just about anything, ranging from a small piece of media to a widespread phenomenon that you really like. Something on You Tube amaze and/or amuse you? Post it! Something on the internet you really, really like? Go ahead! A real-life person does, or had done good in the world? Donít hesitate!

Please remember to observe the following:
  • Forum rules do apply here, like anywhere else.
  • Please use the "search forum titles" feature to see if the subject you have in mind hasn't come up yet, to avoid possible duplication; and you can even share your thoughts (or whatever you find) on the thread. Likewise, I advise people to politely point to an already-existing IJAM thread in case there is a duplication.
  • Please do avoid derails and donít try to pick a fight. Weíre here to appreciate whatever we like or at least consider awesome and share them, not go into a flamewar. Mods will shoot flamewars down and depending on the situation lock the thread.
  • Also, when posting a thread, please donít have it be a stealth complaint. Such threads WILL be locked down, and besides they are contrary to the intent of this subforum.
  • Please be prudent about what you make a thread of. Some racy material is okay, but please keep the following out of this subforum: hate speech (towards any race, orientation, culture, creed, etc.), personal slander, pedophilia, pornography, glorification of real-life violent behavior and spam.

I can be reached via PM if you have a question or comment. Thanks, and have fun!

- Earl Of Sandvich

(P.S. - For anyone who posted here before and got this message anyways - this software kicks in based on what it picks up after it's implemented, so you won't be seeing it again.)