Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello, [[troper]] and welcome to the Content Violations forum. This section of the forums is dedicated to the cleanup of pages focus on overly lewd works and those that sexualize children with our aims stated in full here. Due to the sensitive and occasionally controversial nature of the discussions at hand, we have some basic ground rules to cover and information to provide.

  1. The forum is not run directly by the moderation or administration. Instead, we have five panel members called the P5, an acronym of debatable meaning. There are five members on this panel: Catalogue, Discar, Komodin, Meeble and tdgoodrich1. Please refrain from contacting them directly unless it is urgent or they request it.
  2. We are focused on the judgement of works deemed to be porn or pandering to pedophiles. We view the distinction between pedophilia and drawn children to be irrelevant to our aims here. We are not interested in series that are merely high in fanservice or gorn, though those can play a role in decisions made by the P5 members. Pages are flagged via a button within the tools section on the left side of pages. We ask that you not abuse this function as we have enough work to do as it is and the moderation can see who tagged what pages. Works that have been rated as acceptable for teens or officially licensed for distribution to said teens are generally given a free pass when it comes to our work here, though there may be rare exceptions. If you feel a work is not rated properly by our criteria, you will need to clearly state why.
  3. The P5 loosely defines porn as being works that have little merit other than causing titillation and arousal. A work has to be rather questionable to qualify for this. Pedopandering, the term most commonly used for the other aspect of what we do here tends to be judged far more harshly. We have a zero tolerance policy in this respect. This means no sex involving children unless condemned, no depictions of sex meant for titillation and a harsh eye for excessive fanservice. Apparent children qualify for this as well. Really Seven Hundred Years Old is not an acceptable excuse.
  4. A work either fails or passes when it has received three votes either way, after which it will be placed in the P5 decisions and announcements thread. The angel of nonporno blesses a work and the devilhead condemns it to the pits. Do note, however, that not everything voted upon is either allowed to go entirely free or be sent directly to the cutlist. An overly prurient work may have cleaner adaptations the page may be restricted to and an article that attracts too much unpleasant editing can simply be locked to normal editing.
  5. If a thread has been deemed "P5 only" in the title, we mean it. Posts will be thumped. If you have important information to bring up, please take it to the main thread.
  6. Remember to keep things civil. Failure to abide by common rules of polite conversation and disruptive behavior can and will get you removed from the forum. We do not need abuse of the P5 members or the system itself, which is stressful enough as it is. Thus, it is in everyone's best interests (yours included) if you can maintain a respectful attitude even if you do not agree with the work that is being done. Overt hostility does nothing for any cause you may have.
  7. Finally, the P5 forum is not a soapbox. We are not interested in discussing the policy, which has been debated thoroughly. Please leave your opinions at the door.

For those of you who wish to make a specific appeal or condemnation for a work that is being judged, please remember to check the following areas for information. Things will likely go much more smoothly this way.

  1. The Post Links Thread is dedicated to chronicling debate and arguments over works and is split into two main sections for works that are still being judged and those that have been finished. Works that have finished discussion may be brought up for further debate in Page Restorations, but please remember that unless new information is provided the decision is unlikely to be overturned and the appeal may be thrown out immediately.
  2. Content Violation Reports keeps a track of everything that has been tagged. Resolved works are noted in a section that can be found in the upper right.
  3. P5 Decisions and Announcements also keeps track of works that have been reviewed as well as their resolution. If you wish to provide information regarding an H game/visual novel a form is provided at the bottom.
  4. Content Policy Discussion covers anything regarding questions or debate regarding the current P5 policy as outlined above.

Finally, before posting, make sure to check out our directory.

Once again, welcome to Content Violations and may your stay here be a constructive and pleasant one. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to answer them.