Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello, [[troper]], and welcome to the Music section of the TV Tropes fora.

Unlike most of the other media discussed in the various subfora, music is an extremely simple art, predominantly engaging only a single sense; it is also an incredibly complex one, as, when done right, music can through that single sense engage any number of emotions, evoke any number of images and sensations in any number of ways. Be it a simple pop tune played on electric guitar, a great and stirring orchestral work, a snarling wall of scrapes and screams—it's all music here, and it is here that we talk about it.

Feel free, as you will, to start a topic about a musician, a genre or whatever else. All opinions are welcome, though how they are stated is important: A well-reasoned argument about why X genre has declined in the past thirty years is appreciated; unwarranted, obnoxious bashing of X genre is not.

In addition to discussing others' music, there is a thread for posting and discussing fellow Tropers' music, as well as a number of other threads detailing things like music software, production and so forth. While it cannot be guaranteed that these threads will be of use to those who do not themselves make music, we should hope that they at least provide interest to the curious. If you make music, however, go ahead...

For further administrative information, refer to The Forum Rules or your nearest moderator; otherwise, feel free to PM me.

In any case: Happy posting.

Sincerely, JHM