Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello [[troper]], and welcome to the World Building forum!

Are you a budding author of a novel, collection of short stories, RPG, screenplay, graphic novel, fan-fic, or web comic, and the one thing keeping you up at night—beyond boat loads of caffeine and doubts about your writing skill—are the little, intricate details about the rate of which a class of elves age, the way systems of election in your fictional nation-state are conducted, or the plausibility of a lion and a fox going on a successful blind date in an anthropomorphic universe? If so, then you’ve stepped into the right place.

The World Building sub-forum is designed to help people with, well, world-building. Anything from topics on alien, fairy, and dragon races, to cartography, to believable systems of government can be discussed here. If you have any questions about the nitty-gritty of your story, feel free to post them here. At first blush, the forum may seem to be a little heavy on the Speculative Fiction end of things, but don't be discouraged, Authors of Other Genres. Make a thread about your story or questions; someone will answer you. However, be sure to lend a helping hand to your fellow writers in need. Contributing to conversations helps.

Unlike Writer’s Block, the sister sub-forum, World Building threads are generally incredibly specific, question-and-answer. Outlines, timelines, conceptual paragraphs, and other contextual story notes are tolerated (and sometimes encouraged), but posting work for the purposes of looking for critique or Alpha/Beta readers is done in Writer’s Block, along with general writing and creative tips. For those who are more artistically inclined, check out the Visual Arts or Webcomics forums.

Of course, make sure to check out The Forum Rules before you jump in. We encourage you to be your honest, opinionated self, but when doing so, be polite and respectful of everyone else. Don’t hesitate to call in a mod when someone isn’t extending the same courtesy to you.

That said, go forth and contribute! If you have any other comments or concerns, feel free to PM me.