Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello [[troper]], welcome to the Literature subforum!

This is the thread where you can gush about you favourite books and authors. Unsure where to start? Welcome to our own Literature Chatterbox thread, and yammer away!

Allow me this opportunity to introduce you to some threads:

  • One of my favourite threads is where you admit you hilarious literature mistakes. Go on, and confess!

  • Have a viewpoint on the constant debate regarding the Death Of The Author concept ? There is a thread for that.

  • More into Poetry than Prose? Have a verse with fellow rhymers!

But there are many, many more! Just join one and contribute!

There are a few simple rules:

  • Remember, Forum Rules are always in force and take precedence, these additional rules are merely a guideline specific to this subforum.

  • Please remember, before creating a new thread, to first use the search function to confirm that an existing thread does not already exist. Alternatively, just go through the forum; it's only five pages long! In any case, a Directory is being setup for ease of use.

  • The Forum rules also contain a section on Spoiler Policy; Please spoiler text any spoiler from the latest released book, or any leaks regarding the upcoming ones.

  • There is ONE Literature Recommendation thread. Kindly do NOT make more.

Any other questions? Don't be afraid to ask; PM me!

Again, welcome to Literature subforum. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your readers!