Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello, [[troper]], and welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions subforum!

As the name says, it's a place where the threads are where frequently asked questions are answered. Notice it's called Frequently Asked Questions; one-off questions should be taken to Ask The Tropers while more complex policy questions go to Wiki Talk.

Since this is a forum mostly for reading, it usually doesn't get much activity. The rules still apply here as well, of course.

A run-down of the more important threads here:

You've got questions? Feel free to PM me (except for bans, please use the thread for questions). Oh, and one more thing for people heading to the banned thread: Bans/Suspensions are routinely used as a warning/damage control measure and last until the staff is sure that the issue won't return again.

Have a nice day!